More Lost in Space (2018)

lost4Well I’ve finished season one of Netflix’s new version of Lost in Space and overall I’d say it was a considerable success. Frankly, I’m more than a little surprised. As I stated in my earlier post about the first half of the season, this show is never going to be high concept/genre-defining material- its light and easygoing but certainly none the worse for that. As it turned out, I honestly believe the second half of the season was stronger than the first and it all came together very well indeed. It told its story, had some great character arcs and teased a continuation with some wit and style. The production design was excellent throughout, and there were a few times that I thought ‘this is how a live-action Star Wars tv show should look like’. 

Whoa. Live-action Star Wars tv-show. Well, everyone knows it’s coming, but how strange to just write something down like that.  I remember when Star Wars films were something special, big event movies on a different level to what everyone else was doing- I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back one afternoon at the cinema, then going home and seeing an episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century on the telly. I appreciate its an unfair comparison, but it was the Buck Rogers episode where they flew into an asteroid field and the comparison was obvious, the gap between the two was huge. Nowadays the gap between tv and cinema isn’t as large as you’d think, and watching something like Lost in Space is a reminder of that. The sets and costumes were terrific and the effects pretty damn good. On tv. Sure, its Netflix so really it’s in some vague place between tv and cinema really, similar to where stuff like HBO’s Game of Thrones fits. But tv. The gap between tv shows and big cinema genre stuff isn’t that huge at all now (and I suppose Disney making so much Star Wars material lessens that whole Star Wars ‘event’ thing anyway), but still…

If only Babylon 5 could have had budgets and technology like shows have now. I remarked on this to my wife after the last episode of Lost in Space ended. B5 started all these big mult-season arcs and epic sagas on tv -arguably the one biggest advantage tv has over films, is simply running-time and what it affords- but it was hampered by a very limited indie-level production budget and cgi effects that, cutting-edge that they were at the time, are painfully limited now. If only Babylon 5 were made now, on something like Netflix or HBO or Amazon… wow.

I still cannot believe Warners has not opted to redo all the B5 effects in HD and remaster the show completely for a HD release. I’d but that sucker in a heartbeat.

But anyway, I’m rambling. Lost in Space was great fun. Well worth a  watch if you are after something light and easy, and I’m really looking forward to a second season and seeing where it goes from here. Sure, maybe it could have been better had it been more of a n edgier, intense show but it  deliberately wasn’t intended to be that kind of show. Its a great family show and while not perfect, its much better than it possibly has a right to be considering the premise. Quite a refreshing watch, really.

And the robot is great.

5 thoughts on “More Lost in Space (2018)

  1. JMS was tweeting about the possibility of B5 in HD just the other day, funnily enough, but it wasn’t good news. Basically, internal politics at Warner mean there’s never going to be anything else B5 related (no remaster, no new series, no movie, nothing), at least until the people who have an issue (not just with B5, apparently, but with several shows from that era) move on, if they ever do. I reckon a proper HD remaster would be cost-prohibitive anyway — there’s a reason they stopped doing Trek after TNG.

    1. Yes, I suppose this is part of the hidden ‘cost’ of losing physical media. In the old days you could count on sales of physical product to justify remastering etc but once we go down the streaming/download route (and surely the future is more streaming than downloading/owning anything digital anyway) then its increasingly unlikely people will be interested/willing to spend serious money on it. Regards B5, it’s really quite horrific that as SD becomes more antiquated and remote as HD and UHD take over, shows like B5 will disappear forever, whilst shows shot on film decades before, like Star Trek or Space:1999 will continue to live on.There are years of shows shot or edited on video whose image quality will restrict them from broadcast, a spin on al those young ‘uns who refuse to watch anything in b&w (and yes, I know one or two such pariahs, they are real indeed).

      Anyway, thanks for depressing me about B5. I can’t say its unexpected news but the confirmation really is distressing news. Just thinking about what a ‘new’ B5 might encompass in today’s era of Netflix etc.. Its really not fair; the show was the forerunner of so much that we take for granted now. I hardly watch any mult-season arc show without thinking back to B5.

      1. I feel like B5 doesn’t come up much anymore, and I wonder if this is why — Warner’s reluctance to do anything with it, as much as the lack of HD (which can’t help, even if most people still can’t tell the difference). But, as you say, it inspired so much of what’s standard in how stories are told on TV nowadays, but it rarely seems to get credit.

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