Westworld Season Two- Episode 1

west1Just a few observations- firstly, having been enjoying Netflix just over a month now, having to digest a big show in weekly chunks just feels so old-fashioned its almost arcane. I mean, I watch one episode, and then… then I have to wait? WTF? (It occurs to me that I’ve never done a weekly review of a series episode by episode, maybe I should start with this show).

Secondly, when does being intellectually ‘clever’ get in the way of actually telling a story? Don’t get me wrong, I love Westworld and it’s one of my favourite shows of the past few years-  away from the nudity and violence, what I really like is the examinations of what it is to be human, the impact of memory, the possibilities of AI. Its really heady stuff and the idea someone can make such a popular show that is so high concept is just profoundly exciting. BUT…. sometimes a show can risk being too clever for its own good. I enjoyed the ‘twist’ in season one of the separate timelines, and this seems to be carrying on into season two. Fair enough, but I don’t really see what we gain from it at present, with how it’s going. What I’m saying is, it should be there to inform and tell the story, not the story there to support the multiple timelines for their own sake. I fear there may be a danger in that here. Don’t try to confuse me just for the hell of it, tell the story and if the story doesn’t benefit from that confusion, why is it there? Well, time will tell if these multiple timelines serves some purpose.

I’m also a little concerned that Delores is becoming the least interesting character now that she’s slipping into ‘avenging robot angel’ mode. She risks losing her sense of humanity and empathy. Whereas the focus is really shifting towards Bernard, easily now the most interesting character in the show, who on the one hand seems to be dealing with the mindf–k that must be knowing his true robot nature whilst hiding it from his colleagues who are (?) all unaware of it. I always had a soft spot for him in season one and it’s fascinating to imagine where he might take us this season.

Anyway, roll on episode two. Oh yeah, I have to wait….

…and wait….

2 thoughts on “Westworld Season Two- Episode 1

  1. Season one’s multiple timelines were clever because of how hidden they were (well, I presume they were well hidden — I had that aspect semi-spoiled, so I was aware of it throughout), but in season two they seem to be doing it just because they did it in season one. Maybe they’ll go somewhere with it, but right now it’s an old-fashioned “things have changed between the past and the present, how did that happen?!”

    1. Yeah, its almost part of the fabric of the show, those timelines, but I do hope they don’t maintain them just for the sake of it. Once the mysteries unfold and the chronology ‘proper’ takes shape, if the story demands that they just stick to a present-tense then I hope they do that rather than keep shuffling about just to confuse viewers or tease them.

      Alternatively, perhaps they might consider leaps forward into the future rather than the past, so we can see the repercussions of the ‘present-day’ actions. That might be even more interesting, leaping 50 years into the future post-revolt and we see what kind of world the characters are making, for good or ill.

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