Lost in Space (2018)

lost1I’m mid-way through the latest Netflix show, Lost in Space. I’m rather enjoying it. Sure it’s a daft, leave-your-brain-in-neutral kind of show, but there’s no harm in that considering the greater demands of shows like Altered Carbon, Twin Peaks or Westworld.  Indeed, it’s a bit refreshing to watch a show that is light and fluffy compared to other shows more concerned with angst and violence. Different shows for different folks I guess, and this is clearly a family-oriented show aimed at different demographics.

Must confess, when I recently heard about Netflix doing a reboot of Lost in Space, I thought it a strange one. Although I have a soft spot for the often-maligned movie of 1998 (does anyone else remember that great R1 DVD? Those were the days) the original tv series was a camp monstrosity of the 1960s, that clearly wouldn’t work the same now. Thankfully while the central premise remains the same (Space Family Robinson lost on space) its been reworked and modernised with some thought to the background. Now we have flashbacks to a Earth blighted by environmental collapse forcing colonial expeditions to Alpha Centauri and a family slightly this side of dysfunctional, requiring mom in charge more than Dad.

While some things work better than others (the kids are rather annoying, frankly, but Parker Posey makes a great female twist on Dr Smith) one thing that cannot be denied is the amazing production credentials of the show. As is becoming typical of Netflix, no expense has been spared here, with a great cast, brilliant convincing sets and high-quality effects work giving the whole thing a big-budget look more akin to a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Its probably a bit of a shame the stories don’t really show the same level of high-concept thinking but hey, its a light family show that’s easy to watch and functions well for what it is. I don’t know where the remaining five episodes will go over this first season’s ten-episode run (I’m not expecting too many shocks or surprises, frankly) but on the evidence of what I’ve seen this is something of a surprising success.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Robot yet…


4 thoughts on “Lost in Space (2018)

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I agree – it’s good to have a ‘switch-off- and-relax’ show on the go as well as a good one.

    We still have to watch S2 of The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale on Blu, but we’re letting off steam with Billions first.

    I might give Lost In Space a go, though. It looks more like a reboot of the 1997 film than the original, though….?

    1. In a way, yes, it’s more a reboot of the movie- if only because it has that modern ‘look’ and drops completely all the 1960s ‘camp’ that increasingly spoiled the original tv series as it went on. The production values are superb, the cast is very good, even the kids. And Parker Posey really makes Dr Smith all her own.No-one’s more surprised than I that I enjoyed it so much;a reboot done well, and just brilliant ‘switch off and relax’ tv I just finished the series today and the second half is better than the first, really hitting its stride with quite a few (gosh) twist and surprises. Roll on series two.

      This Netflix thing is pretty good…I think it might catch on.

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