Alien 3 Expanded OST!

a3ostThey said it would never happen. No really, they said it wouldn’t. ‘They’ being the people in the biz who would know. Something about the recording session masters being lost. But they said that about the original Conan The Barbarian masters, and that got released a few years ago. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that some Indiana Jones-type at Fox managed to unearth the masters from a dusty vault forgotten somewhere. In anycase, La La Land records have announced the release next week of a two-disc expanded and remastered edition of Elliot Goldenthal’s absolutely superlative horror score for the much-maligned Alien 3. 

This is big news, certainly to me anyway. One of the last great scores that really needed an expanded release, and one of those supposedly least-likely to ever happen, and here it is. Seriously, this is one of the best scores of the past thirty years, it’s that good. Well, my pre-order is in already (limited to 3,500 copies, it might not last as long as you’d think prior to going OOP). Its a really remarkable score, the kind we certainly don’t get anymore and I can’t wait to hear it. Has me of a mind to get my Blu-ray of the restored workprint version out for a watch…

2 thoughts on “Alien 3 Expanded OST!

    1. Musicbox in France comes to about 40 euros delivered, which isn’t much less. I suppose with exchange rates it all works out about the same. I really don’t buy many OSTs anymore simply because the shipping is getting so insane these days. When I think about how many discs I bought in the old days… I could never do it now with shipping how it is. I rationalise what few discs i do buy- I bought CE3K, for example, but not ET, because I just couldn’t see me listening to ET much., and CE3K is as much about the nostalgic value of owning the definitive album as it was about the music. Alien 3 is a special case though, I’ve been waiting/hoping for years. I bought a bootleg years ago with some dialed-down dialogue but it was pretty terrible. After so many years I just had to pay the price and cutback somewhere else (and I could always do with the diet, ha ha).

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