Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

snowBetter film than I expected. Not without its problems (there’s a pacing issue, for one, that left some scenes rather jarring, and an episodic nature that left some material pretty much redundant), it nonetheless had some major positives, not least Charlize Theron as the evil sorceress Ravenna. She steals the show not with scenery-chewing theatrics that you might have expected, but rather some real subtlety in a great performance. Alas, a weakness of this film is that several other characters are woefully under-written, something perhaps accounting for the pacing issues which seem to be the editor/s covering up the gaps in the script. Its a pity that so much of this film seems to work so well only to be undermined by script problems, because it often seems to be a good film that might have been a great film. When the film closes, its with a loud crashing thud, lacking any narrative closure, as if the inevitable promise of a sequel (oddly unforthcoming as yet) would be enough to keep viewers happy. It’s as if ten to fifteen minutes of film is missing and is really quite bizarre- indeed, its the oddest ending to a film I have seen in quite some time.

And the scene stolen from Ridley Scott’s Legend– what was that all about?

3 thoughts on “Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

  1. The prequel is going to be directed by Frank Darabont, last I heard. An odd choice of project for him, but we all need work I guess.

    I saw this in an open-air cinema in Greece back in 2012 [wouldn’t have watched it otherwise, but the place was so much fun]. It wasn’t as bad as I expected either, but definitely not something I’d ever watch again. Nor would I seek out anything by its director: a career in glossy ads beckons.

  2. Figures they would dump the bland Snow White and go for a more of Thor, sorry, the Huntsman. I’d rather see a prequel featuring Theron’s sorceress, she was the best thing in the movie. I mean, a Huntsman movie? What?

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