TIE Fighter Attack

Tie-Fighter-attackBack in  the winter of 1977, news drifted across the Atlantic from a galaxy far, far away regards a new film sensation. Of course, back then the world  seemed much larger than it does today, and the galaxy far, far away was just America, but it might as well have indeed been a galaxy away, as America and its big tv shows like Starsky and Hutch and Kojak seemed quite alien anyway to a Black Country lad in 1970s Britain. Alien and wonderful.

News drifted across the pond so much slower than now- there was no 24-hr news coverage, and no internet. The BBC had a 9pm news broadcast and ITV one at 10pm.  Satellite feeds were still in their infancy. So anyway, as the days shortened and winter fell, the news seemed to finally be catching up with that summers movie sensation, Star Wars. It had been breaking all sorts of box-office records and was a huge hit.  A clip accompanied the news item; a short section from the Tie Fighter Attack sequence. I was eleven years old and could not believe my eyes. Spaceships, laser guns, a golden robot struggling down a spaceship corridor. Big explosions in space. Every time I see that sequence in the movie it throws me back to first seeing those images in late 1977 on a grainy black and white television. Of course I fell in love, what sci-fi loving kid wouldn’t?


2 thoughts on “TIE Fighter Attack

  1. These days, when anything you can envision can be rendered with a spot of CGI, it’s difficult to imagine what impact such images must have had Back In The Day.

    Effects continue to advance, of course, but gone even are the early days of leaps forward in CG effects (I remember making-of featurettes talking of the quest to create realistic grass for Shrek, realistic fur for Monsters Inc, realistic water for Finding Nemo — half the reason they made some of those films was to further specific areas of computer animation). There’s endless spectacle on display, not only at the cinema but in big-budget TV shows and computer games; but so little of all that — almost none, in fact — is genuinely spectacular.

    1. Yeah, we’ve certainly lost something. Its amazing what can be done these days, compared to the old miniatures/blue-screen days, but somehow the heart and craft has gone out of it. Its all very soulless. I still blame the scripts for most of it; the boundaries have gone and there’s nothing to hold back the idiots from their logic-defying fancies. The new Star Trek films look spectacular but are utterly appalling for idiocy and plot-holes. I genuinely fear for the new Star Wars film, the prequels were bad enough but…

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