A few thoughts on SUPER 8…

Watched J J Abrams’ Super 8 again last night; really, its a lovely little movie, kind of perfect in its own right. Deliciously retro. Maybe even the second-best film from last year. As an affectionate nod to Spielberg’s classic Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, E.T. and The Goonies, Explorers etc, it really is a wonderful piece. Anybody who was a kid like me in the 1970s and/or early 1980s knows what I’m talking about; there’s something honest and heartfelt about how this film harks bark to those wonderful films. It’s got me reaching for my Close Encounters  Blu-ray tonight; I’m just in the mood for some 70’s sci-fi nostalgia.

I’ve watched Super 8 three times now, and I’m still enthralled by it. Maybe its just wish-fulfillment, nostalgia for childhood; I wonder if people like me who saw Close Encounters at the cinema are alone in this; do people who weren’t even born back then still get the film in the same way? Is it just a good film for them, but something else for us? I don’t know. There does seem something special about Super 8 though; a summer movie that harks back to what summer movies were meant to be; about more than just flash-bang wallop cg spectacle and mad superhuman stunts. The child actors are beyond excellent, with a genuine chemistry between them that seems so effortless but is so difficult to capture… really exemplary casting. The script is charming and simple, the music sublime… really, whats not to fall in love with? They rarely make films this good anymore.

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