Westworld Season Two, Episode Three

ep3This episode begins brilliantly, with a glimpse of one of the four other parks- Colonial India, sidestepping the tease about Samurai Japan from season one that we all now is surely coming (in fact it comes at the end of this very episode). We see new characters enjoying this attractions dubious pleasures in its call-back to the non-PC glory days of British Empire, until the anarchy of the hosts here (slaughtering visitors just as they are doing in Westworld) reveals that the madness is not limited to Westworld alone. All hell is clearly breaking out everywhere.

Infact, I could have stayed in this setting, and with the human protagonist trying to survive, all episode. Unfortunately this section was limited to just the pre-credit sequence, leaving me feeling rather frustrated and wondering what happened next to our damsel in distress. We do find out, sort of, and it does dovetail nicely to a scene from episode one when a dead tiger was found on a riverbank, but the fact that I was so irritated by the escapades of our series regulars does spell a bit of trouble for the show. I found the new character more interesting than our regulars, and that has to be wrong, surely. Mind, it does also indicate a strength of the show that it could one day exploit.

Meanwhile, back in Westworld, Delores is still in ‘avenging robot angel’ mode (this time hosts seem as expendable as humans in her schemes), and Bernard is still acting oddly (although we do learn why, as he has clearly downloaded  Peter Abernathy’s mysteriously important files that the Delos operatives seem to be after). So while there is lots of action in this episode that action only serves to disguise the fact that the show is maintaining its endless tease.

Which is fine I guess, but we are still evidently seeing different timelines here and if part of the fun of the show is unravelling the sense out of them then that is also part of the shows frustrations. In fact, it finally occurred to me during this episode that I’m missing Anthony Hopkins. I don’t know if we’ll see him ‘proper’ in this season rather than have him alluded to or shown in glimpses in the background during flashbacks etc but his presence was an important one in season one and I think he leaves something of a void, currently.  Westworld is curiously Godless.


One thought on “Westworld Season Two, Episode Three

  1. There was something captivating about the Raj park, I agree. Maybe it’s just that it’s a new location with new characters and new setups — always intriguing. There are some barmy fan theories about the woman (based around how she happened to hold her cigarette, primarily), but one about how the Ghost Nation are about to become important and she’ll be part of that sounded plausible.

    I keep reminding myself that, at this point in season one, I thought the show was fine but it wasn’t engaging me that much. Season two feels kinda similar, but for residual interest in the storyline and characters. Hopefully they’ve got something up their sleeves to bring it all together down the line.

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