Jaws 4K: This looks better

jaws4kb…not so sure its five quid better, but yeah, I quite like this new steelbook design for the 4K edition of Jaws. I suppose they couldn’t do any worse than the standard edition design (the slip of which may be a lenticular cover, too, which may explain the design). So anyway, here’s me with a perfectly fine (gorgeous, even) Blu-ray steelbook and I’m being tempted by this edition. Its Jaws, afterall, but bad enough triple-dipping from DVD to Blu-ray to 4K UHD but then adding insult to injury by double-dipping steelbooks? What is the world coming to? Oh well, this would be the last time, right?

Jaws 4K coming….

I appreciate its a First-World problem and all that, with everything going on in the world today, but the recent news of an upcoming 4K disc of Jaws was mitigated somewhat by the decidedly dodgy packaging artwork currently being shown. I suppose individual tastes will vary, but I’m not a fan of this new box-art at all. Maybe its a problem with these ‘older’ releases that have already been released across so many formats over the decades, an inevitable need for the studio to freshen things up or differentiate/highlight a new release with new artwork and design? Whatever, being a purist I really prefer using original poster artwork, although that’s something typified now more by third-party catalogue releases (Indicator, take a bow) than first-party studio releases. The 4K releases of Die Hard, CE3K, Alien, Superman: The Movie… none of them, nor many others besides, were graced with their original theatrical artwork. In this case I think I’ll be transferring the 4K disc to my Jaws steelbook pictured above alongside the planned 4K art (I expect the second Blu-ray disc with the docs etc will be the same anyway).

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t tell the difference. I should get a life. Bah humbug, I’m surrounded by fools.

An Unnecessary Cut

br4k2Hey, I’m offering no new insights here, but there’s another release of Blade Runner coming up and I just…  Well, there’s no-one a bigger fan of this film than I, but I’m just fine with my 4K Blu-ray of Blade Runner. I imagine most every fan, like me, who has got a 4K set-up has already bought the standard 4K disc of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, to accompany our Blu-rays and HD-DVDs (remember them?) and DVDs. But that won’t stop some from buying this upcoming re-release in glossier packaging.

But I mean, come on, double-dipping in 4K already? That’s just nuts.This is some kind of steelbook packaging the standard 4K disc with some other swag (I’ve heard a pin badge and two drinks coasters, and that’s not the discs, although they might as well be coasters for anyone double-dipping with this) to part fans with another £30. All’s fair in business I guess.

They call it a Titans of Cult steelbook, and I think its the first of a series of such specially designed and marketed steelbook releases. I suppose a re-release of BR2049 in a Titans of Cult steelbook edition is inevitable at some point next year. I don’t really understand people buying films again and again in fancy new packaging like steelbooks. Some films have had multiple steelbooks even (there’s a special circle of Hell for those that keep on releasing those damn things). Whatever makes people happy I guess. I suppose some folks are really passionate about this stuff, or maybe really passionate about certain movies and have to have every edition going.

Me, I feel guilty enough  re-buying films even when they have new extras. Buying the exact same discs in a new shiny box? Nah. Don’t get it. Even in the case of Blade Runner. And believe me, I’m passionate about this film, but everything has its limit.