What I’m watching…

Whilst my blog entries have been curtailed somewhat for the past week or so due to all sorts of nonsense getting in the way (work being the usual offender, but not the only one) I thought I’d pop back for a quick update on what I have been watching.

So, I just finished watching season four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, having binged on all of the fours seasons available on Netflix here in the UK over the past, what, two months? Its a brilliant show, that rarest of things, a sit-com that is actually funny, and for awhile at least it filled the gap left by the ending of The Middle earlier this year. Anyway, that led to following series lead Andy Samberg to a film on Netflix, a comedy/mock-documentary Popstar: Never Stop Stopping and a stand-up comedy special featuring another star of Brooklyn, Chelsea Peretti (who also had a spot in that Popstar movie). Its funny how one thing leads to another on Netflix, its as if they don’t want you to lift your eyes away from their channel for a moment.

Anyway, staying on Netflix (as if I had a choice, its as if there’s a Death Star Tractor Beam fastened onto me and my ass isn’t as fast as the Falcon) I’ve been watching another two tv shows- Star Trek: Discovery and Mindhunter. I’m at the mid-point with both now. I’m not sure where I lie with regards Discovery… its okay but, like the Star Trek movie reboots and their Kelvin timeline, I’m not entirely surely it really qualifies as Star Trek. I’m sure its supposed to be Star Trek, but it really feels like something else transposed to the franchise, you know, like getting the scripts for Babylon 5 and twisting it into, oh, Deep Space Nine… wait-

Ahem, well, we won’t raise that scandalous geek conspiracy for any more discussion- anyway, after a ropy start I’ve stuck with it and am enjoying it in a sort of ‘big-budget sci-fi show that isn’t really Star Trek’ sort of way.  Its okay, but hardly anything to really get excited and obsessed about.

Mindhunter, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant, and not accidentally like a ten-hour expanded cut of David Fincher’s Zodiac movie- indeed, in a way its almost a dedicated prequel, but you know, one of those rare things, a prequel that actually works. Its brilliantly shot and beautifully paced, the cast are excellent (and we get to see Anna Torv again, its been too long since Fringe wowed me- now there was a show to get obsessed about).  Its a pretty much flawless so far and I really should be watching the next episode rather than writing this post.

Other Netflix stuff that has been bewitching me is The Good Place trying to fill the gap left by Brooklyn, and The Haunting of Hell House that I have reluctantly held off due to Mindhunter taking over everything. Its something of a quandary- do you watch several shows at once, alternating between episodes or just binge one show at a time? I opt for the latter, if only because it saves me getting confused trying to keep up with multiple plot threads.

Getting away from Netflix and onto the the disc front, Indicator’s Night of the Demon arrived a few days ago, and I have several 4K discs coming next week, all being well- the Matrix films, the Sicario sequel, a low-key arthouse film from Kubrick that got the future all wrong (can’t believe I just typed that) and a John Carpenter flick about strange sunglasses. So plenty to be getting on with if I can get away from that Netflix button on the tv remote.

Oh, and somehow against all sense and reason I’ve been struggling with season nine of The Walking Dead having swore off it last season, and yes, I’m regretting every painful minute of it. Mind, seeing an habitually-cowardly priest who is now one-eyed and refuses to drop his dog-collar whilst banging the scrap-lady and posing with a machete as if he knows how to use it probably rates as the biggest script-writing WTF of the year, frankly. I just can’t see me surviving this show to its mid-season break, but break-ups are so hard after so many years….

So anyway, excuse me now, I really must go and watch another episode of Mindhunter.