The 2019 List: March

Well, another month already.

TV Shows

30) The Umbrella Academy

34) Stranger Things Season One

35) Love, Death & Robots

40) Brooklyn 99 Season Five


31) Free Solo

32) Bohemian Rhapsody

33) The Predator (2018)

36) Voice From the Stone

37) Await Further Instructions

38) Triple Frontier

39) Mirage

41) Wheelman

42) Paddleton

It occurs to me that in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to life, the universe and everything is the number 42. Which just happens to be the number I’ve reached with Paddleton. So anyway, whatever that means. So 42. In three months. That’s some kind of record for me, I think. And of course that doesn’t include re-watches, which this month includes Game of Thrones Season Six (which I didn’t post about) and stuff like The Big Lebowski (which I did). I also re-watched Arrival the other night, on 4K UHD this time around, which I really should write about because it remains a wonderful film and one of my very favourites of the last decade. Its always nice to step back from new stuff to relax with old favourites. A bit like what the guys do in Paddleton. Maybe that’s the answer to life, the universe and everything, at least for movie lovers- just rewatch your favourite films.

2018 Review: March

And here we go with the sequel to February..

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger– One of the biggest surprises/discoveries of the year, a classic Hammer thriller that was new to me. Thank goodness for boxsets/catalogue releases.

Thor: Ragnarok– Possibly the best Marvel film to date, and one I’d waited for the disc release to eventually watch (an increasing trend, to be honest). Great fun. Remember when comic-book movies were fun?

The Snorkel– A strange one, this. Doubt I’ll return to it often, but interesting.

The Full Treatment– I remember there was something hypnotically fascinating about this. I also recall being interested in its star, Ronald Lewis, whose career never measured up to its possibilities and writing a seperate post about him. He was good in this, and it proves a bewitching moment in time when a different destiny lay ahead of both him and his co-star Diane Cilento. Wasn’t to be, and it’s an example of the curious thing about watching old films and later seeing what happened to cast and crew afterwards…

Salyut 7– An enjoyable production in the mode of Gravity and the later-released First Man.  Possibly deserved wider distribution; it’d be a great film to be scheduled over Christmas on the BBC, for instance. I’m sure it’d surprise many viewers giving it a shot.

Atomic Blonde– A girl-power John Wick, and none the worst for that. I really enjoyed this and I’m sure I’ll get the 4K UHD when it’s in a sale sometime. Haven’t heard anything of a sequel, unfortunately.

Annihilation– Start of an era, my first Netflix film. Clearly one of my Films of the Year and a film that deserved a cinema release- if that even means anything these days. Watching this, knowing it was a big new cinema film, on demand on my television was akin to watching my first VHS rental back in 1983. Times they are a changin’.

Altered Carbon Season One– Oh, oh, more Netflix. You’ll see a trend starting here. This proved to be very good once it stopped trying to be too Blade Runner, and it amazed me, the scale and scope of the thing. This series was proof a Blade Runner-universe series could be done, albeit having this series probably nixed any interest Netflix might have had in actually producing it (seems we’re getting an anime prequel instead).

Requiem – A very odd tv series, part thriller, part horror, and Welsh, and much too stylish and flashy for its own good- one of those shows where everyone looks great and don’t seem to get their clothes dirty in a muddy forest.

Experiment in Terror– One of the year’s duds, and a surprising/disappointing one considering the talent involved and the films reputation. Proof not everything works for everyone, I’ll give it another shot sometime (I bought the Blu-ray) as I suspected at the time it was one of those wrong films at the wrong time moments.

Outlander Season Three– I always seem to find it tricky starting a season of this show, only to thoroughly enjoy it by the end. Point in case, season four has started showing on Prime and I haven’t started it yet, even though I was enthralled by how this third season ended. Spoilt by binge-watching entire shows in multi-season box sets no doubt.

Collateral– Another BBC series, and this one in hindsight clearly hinted at what was coming later in the year with both The Bodyguard and the new Doctor Who, a show that I can’t possibly write about at it frustrates me so much.

So, that’s twelve reviews, and four of them were television series, which entails all the more time/effort. Not a bad month at all really.