Dumplin’ (2018)

dumpEr, don’t ask.

No, okay, go on then. Yes, it might seem strange, me watching something like this. Yes, I know its not ‘high art’ or a serious film or anything. Yes, yes I know I’m hardly the target audience. Yes I know any blogging streetcred (is there such a thing?) that I might have, may indeed have taken a knock here. Yes, yes, I know its a movie featuring Jennifer Aniston, that woman from that horrible sitcom that I never watched and never will, and yes I am certain I vowed never to watch anything that had her in it, as somehow just the sight of her threatens my lunch to return the wrong way. Yes, yes I know its a movie dominated by Dolly Parton songs. Yes I know its a very simple teen-comedy drama, but, look, the truth is, Claire had to put up with me watching two seasons of The Expanse last month and she really doesn’t care for hard sci-fi and, well, it was payback time.

Let this film be the proof that I always pay my dues.

So anyway, this stomach-churning life-affirming ode to big girls and the indestructible pathos of Dollys music is pretty much everything you’d expect. Can you forgive me if I suggest it was actually pretty good in a strange, harmless movie kind of way? Oh Christ there’s my blogging streetcred well and truly flushed down the pipes.

Look, it was okay, and it had been a long day. Its a nice story with a pretty good cast (Maddie Baillio, in a supporting role, is so charming and natural she just steals the show from everyone including Dolly) and it’s got a nice message that not every girl has to be (or can be) a perfect slim beauty and its whats inside that counts. Stop tittering, those of you in the back row, you should be ashamed.