Shameful Killers Anonymous

killEveryone involved in this film should hang their heads in shame. In all the several years here writing posts, I don’t think I’ve seen such a self-indulgent, cynical, aimless mess as this film proved to be. I can forgive some of the minor cast -everyone’s got bills to pay, and most actors can’t be too picky when they get that casting call- but regards the involvement of Gary Oldman or Jessica Alba, actors worth millions whose names/images ‘sell’ any film project they are involved with, well, I reserve for them a very special ire, and far as I’m concerned, they are marked for future ignorance/irrelevance. Anybody watching this film on the strength of their involvement should feel like they have been conned, taken for fools. That’s sort of how I felt, certainly- when picking something to watch last night, I saw their names in the credits and figured, well, that might be interesting. Well fool me once, shame on you, shame me twice…

Indeed, I don’t intend to waste any more time than I need to writing this particular post, as, frankly, this film is absolutely not worth it and I wasted enough of my time watching the film- some ninety minutes or so that I will never get back. To that end, I’m going to start a new resolution – a mid-New Years Resolution if you will- aborting terrible movies. You see, in the past, I’ve always stuck with a film, through thick and thin. Nothing particularly noble about it, more like stubbornness I suppose, but when I’ve started watching a film, I’ve always seen it through, for good or ill. Well, post-Killers Anonymous, that’s all over. From now on, when I’m watching something execrable, I’m pulling the plug, hitting the Abort button. It’ll probably be a whole new category of this blog.

Anyway, for anyone fortunate to have not seen this yet- avoid. Avoid with Absolute Prejudice. Life is really far too short even if you lived three hundred years.