Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


But Ed isn’t impressed. Every year he watches us put up the Christmas tree with abject horror. I suppose most dogs are creatures of habit and routine, and Ed is no exception. I’m pretty certain he thinks our home is his kennel, basically, and he prefers things left as they should be- he certainly doesn’t appreciate his owners suddenly erecting a tree blocking his view through the window. Well, what’s a dog to do other than sulk? Ed can sulk like a champion, especially when his Christmas telly is ruined.

Ah, well a bit of explanation is in order about Ed and the window. He is obsessed with it- I don’t know, maybe its a Terrier thing, because he seems to be all territorial with everything beyond the window. We’re lucky, we have a field outside our front window, so that we overlook a central green of fields and pathways, which affords a really nice view of the seasons changing and people walking their dogs to and fro – naturally Ed knows most of them from encounters on our walks, he gets along famously with some, gets along less so with others. The ones he doesn’t get along with so well… well, Ed treats the fields as his own private space, naturally, and tells any miscreants off with passionate wild barks. Boy, Westies can bark (after two King Charles Cavaliers, its something of a culture shock).

We’ve taken to calling the window Ed’s television: we open the blinds in the morning and tell Ed his breakfast telly show is on, and he leaps up onto the sofa and surveys his territory eagerly… and if he goes too wild barking at some nuisance collie or huskie (two breeds he has a particular disgust at) we threaten him that we’ll switch his telly off and close the blinds. “Thats it! Telly’s off!” we’ll declare, shutting the blinds. Very often when I pop downstairs from working in the backroom and I see Ed still sitting in his usual attentive position looking out the window, I ask him if its just another repeat show (dog-walkers are creatures of habit too, and very often you could set your clock by them walking first one way, then back twenty minutes later) and late in the evening I’ll tell him its time for closedown as I close the blinds for the night. I don’t know. Maybe we’re going a little bit crazy.

Alas, we’ve gone and put up our Christmas tree today, blocking most of Ed’s usual television screen. Hence the sulk. Hopefully he doesn’t pull it down overnight…


Saturday night, watching the telly

P1100283 (2)Ed hates the long dark nights, nothing else to do other than watch the telly. But all those channels on the cable, yet no Dog TV? There’s nothing quite like the long, drawn-out sigh of a despondent Westie. Sort out Streaming For Pets, pronto. There’s only so many times a dog can watch Blade Runner.

Ed is Four Today!

edis4How time flies! Our Westie, Eddie, is four years old today. He had a great day today- Covid may have put a halt to his birthday party plans – so no Milo, Dizzy, Sulass, Buffy, Bailey, Beau, Sparky, Gracie, Logan, Lucy, Bonnie, Winnie,  Diesel, Oscar, Dexter, Poppy, Harry, Minnie, Charlie, Coolie, Billy, Alfie, Blue and Dave, new girl Coco (…yeah he knows lots of dogs on the walk, he’s definitely more popular than I am)- so instead we took him out for an afternoon walk somewhere new; Northycote Farm, which isn’t at all far from home but is a surprisingly large woodland walk considering its hiding away within an urban conurbation. No doubt a future frequent destination, because it was really nice and Ed loved it. Better still, it was a nice warm sunny day, more like July or August than mid-September- very lucky, considering the weather forecasts reckon a cold turn arrives tomorrow after some rain tonight. So a long afternoon walk somewhere new, with lots of new smells and people to get fussed by, plenty of treats at mealtimes and two new cuddly toys to play with. As birthdays go, Ed’s got me beat.



Smarter Eddie

P1100125 (2)A week ahead of schedule – in yer face, Covid19- Ed gets his overdue grooming session and looks cute and tidy again.  So good in fact I think it deserves a second photograph. He certainly looks smarter than I do, I’m well past my grooming date (years past according to my wife, but hey ho at least I can resort to my astonishingly winning personality… I’ll, er, go get my coat….).

P1100123 (2).

Scruffy Eddie

P1100099 (2)Mark this as another casualty, Lockdown fans- this the current sorry state that Eddie is in, one week past his grooming session that was cancelled due to Covid19. I’ll have to trim his eyeline this coming weekend but thats about as far as I dare go for now. Westies are not to be trifled with.

(His grooming session has been postponed to May 27th in the hope that the Lockdown will be relaxed enough by then. If not, I may have to man up. It won’t be pretty. Fingers crossed for May 27th then!)

Eddie in 2020

P1100093 (2)Yep, Eddie’s back with his first appearance here in 2020, as usual perched on the arm of the sofa surveying the world beyond the front window, which we call his big television. He likes it when we switch it on in the morning (open blinds/curtains) and gets into a funk when close-down comes early (when it gets dark and we close the blinds). In between he thinks the programming is pretty fine, in which various dogs and their walkers cross the field in front of our house in all sorts of interesting ways (well, it fascinates Ed, anyway).

Its a funny thing, that cast of characters are almost following a programming similar to tv schedules, as most people have daily routines and take walks at certain times. So you know, the allegory may seem stretched but it works in a funny sort of way. Diesel and Bonnie are about as timely as episodes of Doctors or The Chase.

Ed likes some dogs, but hates others, and being a terrier, he lets you know about it. So if we’re in another room or upstairs, we can usually tell by the type of bark who’s walking outside before we look out to confirm it. The postie gets his own particular bark, as if he’s taking a very particular liberty walking by- mind, judging by the shorts he’s always wearing and the state of his pale legs, Ed may have a point.

Eddie on the Beach

P1090921 (2)Because its been a lovely warm (and unusually sunny) September this past week here in the UK and its been awhile since Eddie’s been on the beach. He takes some convincing to go down to the shoreline though- the sea is far too wet for this dog’s liking, and the idea of a doggy-paddle in the water, well, its just a bit too much like having a bath (Ed doesn’t like baths- maybe its a Terrier thing). And hey- its Ed’s birthday tomorrow! Yes, dog owners keep track of doggy birthdays, and amazingly Ed is three tomorrow. So anyway, here’s an Eddie pic.