Saturday night, watching the telly

P1100283 (2)Ed hates the long dark nights, nothing else to do other than watch the telly. But all those channels on the cable, yet no Dog TV? There’s nothing quite like the long, drawn-out sigh of a despondent Westie. Sort out Streaming For Pets, pronto. There’s only so many times a dog can watch Blade Runner.

Ed is Four Today!

edis4How time flies! Our Westie, Eddie, is four years old today. He had a great day today- Covid may have put a halt to his birthday party plans – so no Milo, Dizzy, Sulass, Buffy, Bailey, Beau, Sparky, Gracie, Logan, Lucy, Bonnie, Winnie,  Diesel, Oscar, Dexter, Poppy, Harry, Minnie, Charlie, Coolie, Billy, Alfie, Blue and Dave, new girl Coco (…yeah he knows lots of dogs on the walk, he’s definitely more popular than I am)- so instead we took him out for an afternoon walk somewhere new; Northycote Farm, which isn’t at all far from home but is a surprisingly large woodland walk considering its hiding away within an urban conurbation. No doubt a future frequent destination, because it was really nice and Ed loved it. Better still, it was a nice warm sunny day, more like July or August than mid-September- very lucky, considering the weather forecasts reckon a cold turn arrives tomorrow after some rain tonight. So a long afternoon walk somewhere new, with lots of new smells and people to get fussed by, plenty of treats at mealtimes and two new cuddly toys to play with. As birthdays go, Ed’s got me beat.



Another haircut for Eddie

P1080648 (3)Part of his preparations for his Scottish hols next month, Ed’s been to Posh Paws for another grooming session.  Typical for a Terrier, he doesn’t enjoy it at all, and once he realises where he’s going he’s adamant he’s not stepping a paw closer, so I have to pick him up and carry him across the threshold. He’s loud of bark and usually acts like he’s some kind of tough guy, but at times like that he cowers like one of those cuddly critters that Chewie cooks for dinner in TLJ. All smiles though once he gets back home and has had a walk as a reward.

P1080638 (2).JPG

Eddie (again)

P1080592 (2)Well, it’d be rude not to I guess. He does seem to have a knack for posing for photographs whilst enjoying this unusually sunny English summer. Perhaps he should get an agent, pose professionally and keep his owners in such a way as they are unaccustomed. Or at least pay for his own treats by endorsing the products he favours (his food, his treats, his toys, his harness, he’s not fussed, he”ll sell anything). Alternatively, he could just kick back and enjoy the summer and the garden.

The irony is, he’s not yet two, so he likely thinks every summer is like this one. Oh well. He can no doubt look forward to a new raincoat next summer.

In Search of Mrs Swan

IMG_20180718_105334722_HDR (3).jpgMaybe dog’s don’t have such a perfect sense of geography, and live in worlds even smaller than that of the average cat. Eddie read with considerable interest of Sydney & Elsie’s discovery of Mrs Swan and her five cygnets, and was convinced that when we took him for a walk to the pools today that this was the exact same place that Sydney & Elsie spotted Mrs Swan. Well he searched and searched but to no avail. I tried convincing him that Sydney & Elsie live on the other side of the country somewhere near some other big pool and canal but Eddie was not at all convinced. Its a big world out there, I told him. Eddie just barked at me for me being some sort of idiot, and carried on searching.


Jolly Eddie

IMG_20180714_135924790_HDR (2).jpgWell, it has to be said, Eddie is a jolly young soul. The sun is shining, he’s just had a great long walk and it won’t be too long until dinner. All good. I think we humans should take note- these dogs are onto something.