Ed in the Sun


Sunshine at last. Time to party.


Another Lazy Monday…

P1080288bHe says ‘lazy’, he has no idea how much hard work it is on guard duty, checking out what’s going on outside, its a full-time job, and this time of year, the days are getting longer, don’t think I haven’t noticed, and that Beagle out there is taking some liberties, let me tell you…

A tree in the house? You must be barking.

P1070897 (2)We didn’t have the Christmas tree up last year, partly because it had been a bad year, what with losing Ben, and partly because we’d only had Eddie a month and we weren’t too sure if Westie pups have a knack for trying to pull trees down on a whim. So now he’s a year older and wiser, Ed has his first Christmas tree. Don’t think he’s particularly impressed, but he hasn’t tried pulling it down/grabbing at the ornaments just yet.

I rather think he reckons we’ve gone a little mad again. He’s used to his humans behaving oddly once in awhile. He’ll just humor us for a bit. Then see if he can get the damn monstrosity down on the floor and out of the way- there’s a natural order to things, and it doesn’t include having trees in the house.

Holiday Eddie strikes a pose

P1060628 (2)

Well, he seems a natural at it really. He certainly took a shine to Scotland and having his owners at his beck and call for two whole weeks. One long endless playtime with lots of forest walks and a trip to the beach thrown in. Even celebrated his first birthday whilst he was there- as if being spoiled wasn’t enough, he wanted a big birthday meal and a new soft toy to chase around too. Same again next year, Ed?