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P1110328 (2)My first package of 2022 from Indicator Films arrived late last week- the latest in their excellent Columbia Noir collections, this time devoted to Humphrey Bogart, and The Pemini Organisation, a set that was released in May which caught my interest but had to wait until I could bundle it with something else to qualify for the free postage (and use the reward points I’d accumulated last year). These releases are, as usual, limited editions, and if the numbers I received are anything to go by, the noir is as successful as ever (1150 of 6000, and only officially out today) but the Pemini set (719 of 6000) seems to be a sign Indicator could be finding it a struggle shifting them- expect it to be around for the Autumn sale.

I suppose the latter is predictable- who remembered Pemini these days, or had even heard of the three films it produced, let alone seen them? Pemini was a  film production company set up by three freinds (Peter Crane, Michael Sloan and Nigel Hodgson, the company name constructed from their first names) who wanted to work in film, so decided to be devilishly proactive: Pemini only operated between 1972 and 1974, producing just three films that pretty much disappeared when the company disbanded. All those points, of course, are why I found it so intriguing, and as ever for Indicator, its a remarkable set, the films restored and lavishly presented with an in-depth book and a bounty of on-disc extras- there’s plenty more prestigious and famous films that would be envious of such treatment. Its like a little film school in box.

I’m not familiar with the contents of the Bogart set, as I haven’t seen any of them before (I was never much of a fan of Bogart), and I understand some of them are a bit of a stretch regards defining them as noir. As usual though its a beauty of a package and a welcome companion to sets 1 to 4. The next noir box is the first of a new series, leaving Columbia behind in favour of noir from Universal Pictures, which looks fantastic but isn’t out until mid-September.

Alas, I could be awhile getting around to watching these new arrivals. After a weekend with the television hijacked for Glastonbury, its now restricted to two weeks of Wimbledon tennis: regular readers will know that during this fortnight I become a Wimbledon Widower every year, and getting to watch anything that isn’t tennis is pretty tricky. We’ll see how that goes, but its important to keep the wife happy, obviously.


3 thoughts on “Recent Additions

  1. Re the Bogart set, there are a few of those titles I don’t rate particularly,although your mileage may vary. The Harder They Fall is good but the knowledge that Bogart was on his last legs adds a melancholic feel to it for me. I like Dead Reckoning even though it is pretty derivative. it is fun and I have a soft spot for it.
    I reckon I never need to see Sirocco again, it’s weak stuff. Tokyo Joe and Knock On Any Door are OK, I suppose, but nothing special despite the latter being handled by Nicholas Ray – it’s no In a Lonely Place. Of course all of that is just one guy’s opinion and you’ll make up your own mind when you get to them.

    1. I look forward to giving them a go once this tennis nonsense is over… I did watch ‘Hunted’ from the Pemini set, a short (42-minute) film that was a tense little affair set in one room, a little overlong even at 42 minutes but a very promising start. It was so ‘of the 1970s’ that it felt a breath of fresh air.

  2. Well, this all sounds very familiar — I did the exact same thing to save on postage! I always thought 6,000 copies felt optimistic for Pemini, so I’m sure it’ll end up on sale before I actually watch it. I wonder if they’re not planning to issue it as standard editions, hence the large-seeming print run.

    For Universal Noir, I tipped it over the £50 threshold by ordering empty cases. I need some anyway (I say “need” — thanks to plastic shortages during the pandemic, I have some Arrow titles in blue cases that should be in clear ones) and it doesn’t hurt to have a few spares. And then I went and ordered some stuff in their flash sale at the weekend, so paid postage on that anyway! At least they do a good job with their packaging — I’m loathe to pay p&p at, say, Zavvi when they’re so notoriously bad at it.

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