Glory expanded edition

glory1Christmas is coming early. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this soundtrack proper justice for years, decades, and here it is at last- one of the last James Horner remasters/expansions, I imagine, certainly one of the last few I’ve been holding out for. What is left, Field of Dreams and maybe the 2-disc Brainstorm? Yeah, I’m still hoping for the latter: it’d be ironic and strangely fitting if that soundtrack, the first James Horner album I ever bought (on the old TER vinyl), turned out to be my last one too. But its a crazy enough world, this Glory is proof enough of that.

I look forward to being able to write a review in a few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Glory expanded edition

    1. I actually never bought ST2 until the FSM CD came out in 2009. Partly this was because I eventually had the Search For Spock gatefold album, and I figured that score was pretty much identical- and I was never a huge fan of either, really. At the time I couldn’t figure out why they would drop Jerry Goldsmith when his ST:TMP score was just so damned brilliant and inspired (innocent young me didn’t realise they just simply couldn’t afford him on ST2’s reduced budget). So anyway, Brainstorm was my first Horner album, in the summer of 1984, I think (I’d watched Brainstorm on a VHS rental).

      1. Matthew McKinnon

        Didn’t like the ST2 soundtrack…?
        Much the same as ST3…?

        Too many errors to process there.

        Though going for Horner for ST2 was a genius move, especially as they wanted a fresher more vibrant tone for the movie overall.

      2. Oh, I just thought the orchestrations were superior in ST3, and I wasn’t really taken by ST2… its like the Aliens score, I was never too enamoured by Horner’s bombastic/action scores, I much preferred the more intimate, atmospheric stuff like Brainstorm and Field of Dreams. Nobody seemed to write big emotional material like Horner did for stuff like Glory, Legends of the Fall, Apollo 13, Braveheart. My God I just re-watched Glory tonight and the score is just magnificent and I don’t think anybody but Horner could have composed it. His late-eighties stuff was just on some other level.

        On ST2 you an hear someone flexing his muscles and learning his trade, by 1989 he was so confident and assured. By that point I was buying his scores before ever seeing the movies they were from. Can’t imagine that today.

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Ah, OK.

    Conversely, I grew up listening to the ST2 score – I bought it on vinyl a few days after seeing the film so it’s in my blood. I love the boldness and punchiness and romance of it.

    I got the ST3 soundtrack for Christmas 84, though I was 13 then and had moved into pop music and girls and such so didn’t give it a proper listen for about five years, at which point I fell in love with it: it’s easily in my top 10 movie scores, and is a big part of why I unashamedly love ST3, for all its flaws. And yes, the orchestrations and arrangements are better, the mood richer and more melancholy.

    For what it’s worth, I’m not a massive fan of his Aliens score: knowing ST2 back to front at the time, I remember being completely pulled out of the film near the end when I first saw it, as Horner blatantly recycled one of the ST2 motifs front and centre. It’s effective, especially the bleaker bits, but definitely a half-assed rush job.

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