The Matrix Reboot?

Is it just me, or does the recently-released trailer for the upcoming Matrix 4 look like its less a sequel and more a reboot? The vibe I get is that its actually retelling the story of the first film and at the same time (if it is a continuation) rather pretending that Reloaded and Revolutions never happened. Feels like what a trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 would have looked/felt like, being a continuation from Aliens pretending that Alien 3 etc never happened. On the one hand, The Matrix franchise seems eminently well-suited to this kind of thing (Neo in the fist three films being the “sixth anomaly” according to the architect when confronted at the close of Reloaded, suggesting that this Neo is some different iteration). But this doesn’t explain why its Neo and Trinity, i.e. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprising their roles here after they died in Revolutions, except that when we saw the previous five anomalies reacting to the architect (on the tv screens), it was still Neo we saw reacting in different ways (“You can’t control me!/Fuck you!/I’m going to kill you!/You can’t make me do anything!”) which rather puzzled me back then, unless the machines are genetically-engineering the humans in the farms and it really is Neo playing the anomaly each time.

I’m probably over-thinking it. 

4 thoughts on “The Matrix Reboot?

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I reluctantly clicked on this and watched it [I’m not a fan of the earlier films, not even the first one].

    I did keep watching because it looks so pretty! Really lovely photography – a whole spectrum of colours, not just the visual monotony of the original trilogy. And San Francisco, of course.

    Not sure if that’ll entice me into cinemas, but a 4K rental might be on the cards…?

    1. It does look different to the previous Matrix films- I was quite taken aback by it, in a good way. Almost looks more John Wick than Matrix (its particularly evident that Keanu Reeves could have stepped from a John Wick film set to the Matrix one, then later slipped back across to the John Wick set for pick-ups, its uncanny).

      The Matrix films are a guilty pleasure of mine. I really didn’t like the first one at the cinema but got turned around a bit on its DVD release (quite seminal at the time) and really enjoyed Reloaded, I thought that was brilliant (yeah I’m the weird one who likes all the pontificating and philosophy 101 nonsense etc). Didn’t enjoy Revolutions so much (it just seemed typical action spectacle losing some of the Big Ideas).

      So far its possibly Dune and this which will get me back to the cinema. Still debating Bond…

  2. rdfranciswriter

    I’m having a Phantasm: Ravager flashback . . . with Reggie in the psych chair asking “if he’s crazy” and wondering if the events in the Phantasm series really happened. I wonder if Coscarelli will allow Phantasm to be rebooted into a new series. . . .

    I don’t know if I will watch . . . the Aliens sequels lost me long ago, as did The Matrix-verse.

    1. Re: The Matrix, I guess it depends upon how fresh they can make it seem, as opposed to maintaining those Matrix tropes, bullet-time, green-tint etc. I like the shots featuring Neo watching people tied to their mobile phones etc, it seems to speak to this generation and people enslaved to their technology rather than freed by it. I’m definitely more interested in this than I was prior to this trailer coming out.

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