The 2021 List: August

I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to reach the magic 100 by the end of this month. The irony is that its not really been a target this year, as I’d intended to try keep the quality up (watch less, watch better) this year, so I’m not really sure how well I’ve kept to that maxim. That said, this wasn’t a bad month quality-wise. Babylon Berlin, which I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet was a particularly fine series and I look forward to catching up with the third season sometime. Film-wise I didn’t really see an absolute stinker (The Blood Beast Terror possibly qualifies but I hadn’t expected much of it anyhow) and the film noir films I watched were very good. So August wasn’t a bad month at all, I even managed to fit in some quality re-watches thanks to some 4K releases and a lack of new/interesting stuff handed me opportunity to pick discs off the shelf that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Real-life problems are increasingly impinging my time for viewing films and writing posts, and I can’t see that getting any better for awhile yet. Ain’t getting older and all the resultant responsibilities grand? It may be that my posts may have to get a little shorter and there may be a few spells of slim updates but I’ll see how it goes, I enjoy the writing etc and would hate to see things slide too far. 

September will see a few notable releases – I should have Arrow’s 4K edition of Dune in a few days, the new 4K edition of The Thing is due in a few weeks and there’s that Star Trek 4K set of the first four films coming out. Towards the end of the month Indicator should have some discs coming my way too (yay, another Columbia Noir set as well as what is said to be the film Peter Cushing most regretted being involved in- how intriguing is that?). I’m certain there’s going to be a few surprises I’m not even aware of yet; Amazon of course has the Eva rebuild films including the finale. Its all just a matter of finding the time, and I’m certain if I can manage that it will be a very interesting month ahead indeed. 


92) Babylon Berlin Season One

93) Babylon Berlin Season Two


94) Gilda (1946)

95) Enemy (2013)

96) The Blood Beast Terror (1968)

97) Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal and Greed (2021)

98) On Dangerous Ground (1951)

99) Gun Crazy (1949)

100) Memory: The Origins of Alien (2019)

5 thoughts on “The 2021 List: August

    1. Cheers Colin, yes, its issues with taking care of parents – Claire is an only child so its on us to care for her mother who has been very ill lately and my father has all sorts of ailments at present, the most worrying of which is cancer requiring chemo, and frankly the healthcare here is still hiding behind Covid as an excuse for all sorts of failures, one of which is GP surgeries still being closed after eighteen months now. Its a national disgrace that somehow escapes the attention of the media and news outlets. My conspiracy-head is certain that what the public is getting told/shown here is being vetted by the powers that be. In an open democracy like the UK? Who would have thought Free Press would be the first casualty, its like we’re living in some dystopian movie…

  1. Real Life is the enemy of all us amateur writers, isn’t it? Ups and downs both. On the bright side, while we owe our blogs/readers nothing, really, they’re always here to come back to (most of them, anyway; the best ones!)

    Anyway, that’s probably more than enough of me being philosophical. I’m looking forward to that next Indicator noir set too, even though I haven’t started any of them yet (ugh). And after a very quiet month for purchase in August, this month I’ve got five preorders lined up to arrive on the 20th alone. I joke that I’m an addict, but sometimes I wonder…

    1. Oh you really need to get through those Indicator noir sets, there’s a few so-so films but stuff like The Lineup and Murder By Contract will just blow you away, they are as good as anything that gets made today.

      Regards preorders, I just cancelled my Star Trek 4K box today, chickened out re: screams about DNR ruining some of the key ST:TMP visual effects. If its true that’s unforgivable. If its just internet fanboy hysterics I’ll get it later, but the way things are I can’t see me having time to watch them anyway so why hurry- and if it means I miss a dodgy release then all the better. I still haven’t picked up the Indy box yet.

      1. I find myself preordering major studio stuff less and less these days. The independent labels, you’ve gotta preorder or risk missing out; but with the studios, there’s rarely anything to miss, so may as well wait for reviews/screencaps.

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