Netflix Bebop?

cowboylivea (2)

Ha ha those crazy buggers at Netflix, I thought they were joking, you know, the way Hollywood keeps fooling around with the dangerous idea of a live-action Akira movie. They talk about it but they’re never fool enough to actually do it. But no, it looks like Netflix is serious. Its coming in November. My God, I’ll never be ready for this.

About the only thing that really has me excited here is Yoko Kanno returning to handle the soundtrack duties, which certainly gives the project some credit – at least it will SOUND like Cowboy Bebop, and Kanno wouldn’t associate herself with a turd, would she? Oh Ghost you are so gullible.

See you November, Space Cowboy.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Bebop?

  1. A lot of people seem to be very dubious / outright critical of this, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If it’s good, then great — more enjoyable Bebop adventures! If it’s shit, so what? The original’s still there; all it’ll have cost us viewers is a couple of hours spent watching it.

    1. Oh sure, I mean I’m madly curious to see if it comes off. Unfortunately the actress playing Faye seems to have triggered the wrath of some of the fans by condemning them, its like these Hollywood types are so full of themselves they never learn the art of tact. So there’s already trouble brewing.

      I just hope that a) the soundtrack is as cool as the show’s stuff was and b) comes out on CD so I can keep my Bebop collection complete.

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