The increasingly curious journey of Vangelis’ Juno to Jupiter nears its end, (almost…)

junoboxDecca have finally announced the release of Vangelis’ rather belated album, Juno to Jupiter, now scheduled on CD and digital download on September 24th, unless you’ve been waiting for the vinyl, as that’s not coming until February next year (that particular journey continues, then). Of course some of us who bought the somewhat premature digital release have been listening to it since last August, so its a rather strange instance here of getting excited about something that already feels like history. Still, it will be nice to be able to finally purchase it on CD and find out what my mate Andy thinks about it when he finally gets to listen to it. And hey, I may be able to finally write that album review.

Meanwhile, I wonder what Vangelis has been crafting in the meantime? One never knows, but we might be heading for one of those curious situations in which, having waited so long between releases, suddenly a few seem to come within several months of each other (presuming we’ll be lucky enough that Vangelis releases another album in 2022). I’d rather like to see a release of some kind or other based upon his score for the dance production The Thread, which was streamed last year, but we’ll see; the maestro has a way of confounding hopes and expectations.

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