Blade Runner: Black Lotus

While I’m a sucker for anything Blade Runner, and appreciate the efforts that Alcon are making to keep their investment in the property alive (the Titan books, comic spin-offs etc) this trailer for an anime series titled Blade Runner: Black Lotus just feels so woefully generic (it also disturbingly looks too much like that old Westwood Blade Runner game). For me it is just a cautionary reminder of how bad BR2049 could have been- it would have been so easy just to make a Blade Runner sequel with steamy, wet, rain-swept streets and superhumans beating the shit out of each other. Hell, maybe that would have been more successful at the box-office than BR2049 proved to be, and maybe closer to what many would have actually preferred but really, that tired old aesthetic is not what makes Ridley’s film so great for me, and there is surely more to the franchise/IP than that. Its not about countless neon signs and throwing Coca-Cola logos into the background. At least BR2049, while it made nods to that, actually went with a brutalist look of its own.

Perhaps this trailer is not indicative of what the actual series will be like- maybe it will be more intelligent than it looks and have some decent ideas behind it, but it does look so woefully generic that I fear the worst. I’m not confident about the CGI anime style either; to me I don’t see the point in this semi-cartoony/semi-reality ‘look’: you either go stylised art or photo-realistic (there’s plenty examples of both in Netflix’s excellent Love, Death & Robots series). Oh well. Mercifully I may not be able to watch the thing anyway, as its being made for Adult Swim and Crunchyroll in the States so I rather hope it doesn’t get sold over here in the UK at all.  Ignorance is bliss.

4 thoughts on “Blade Runner: Black Lotus

  1. I am interested in this but as is often the case I wish it was hand drawn. I agree it looks a bit generic but that it is visually reminiscent of that Westwood game (which I loved) is what makes me want to watch.

    1. It really does look like a spin-off of that Westwood game more than anything else ‘Blade Runner’, doesn’t it? Really quite odd, how it looks like a video game and the plot seems to be the kind of thing that turns up in video games. Can almost imagine banging buttons on my gamepad during those fight scenes.

  2. This just makes me appreciate what an achievement 2049 was. From the first trailers onwards, that always felt like Blade Runner to me. This, on the other hand, looks like generic cyberpunk with a couple of references thrown in. Might just be a poor trailer, but I’ll probably wait to see what the reviews say before I decide whether to watch.

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