I need a Lotto win

peter cushingSideshow collectibles over in the USA have announced two statues of Hammer stalwarts  Christopher Lee as Dracula and Peter Cushing as his adversary Van Helsing, from the 1958 Dracula. My, the Peter Cushing one is gorgeous, a work of beauty, that – Kudos to the artists at Sideshow, that looks pretty special. Mind, at something like 20″ tall I’d need a bigger shelf, as well as a bigger bank account. 

2 thoughts on “I need a Lotto win

  1. I take it you weren’t the winner of the £13 million last night, then. Me neither, unfortunately. It’d be nice though, eh — buy a bigger house to hold your bigger shelf… to hold all the other stuff you’ll buy that’ll soon empty that bigger bank balance!

  2. Its the ‘Blogging from my Home Cinema’ thing that I really dream of. Get a few of you guys over for a Blade Runner screening and chew the fat into the early hours about the days when films were great. Or maybe Jaws. Or maybe… hmm. Think we’d need a long weekend. My Lotto house will need some guest rooms…

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