The 2021 List: June

Hang on, where did June go?

Now then- please excuse my tardiness regards writing a review of item number 75 below. I’ve seen some dodgy films this month (what I was doing watching that Dads Army movie quite escapes me, and as for that Dog Gone Trouble… well I knew it would be trouble) but that number 75 was everything I’d been warned of and more. Extraordinary film-making, certainly, but in all sorts of horrible ways, but just how do I write that review and do its horrible magnificence justice? We’ll see if I can marshal my thoughts in July (I only hope I don’t require a re-watch to do it).


66) Superstore Season Two

72) Superstore Season Three


61) Invasion Day (aka Dragon Day) (2014)

62) The Woman in the Window (2021)

63) 3 Days to Kill (2014)

64) The Boat (2018)

65) Dad’s Army (2016)

67) The Wave (2016)

68) The Quake (2019)

69) Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know (2021)

70) Dog Gone Trouble (2021)

71) Prospect (2018)

73) Convicted (1950)

74) Aniara (2018)

75) Kong vs Godzilla (2021)

76) The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

4 thoughts on “The 2021 List: June

  1. How are we halfway through 2021 already?! I was never one of those people who was trying to pretend 2020 hadn’t ended until things got better, but it does still feel like 2021 has barely begun.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your thoughts on the big monkey/lizard punch-up. I know I haven’t written mine up yet, but that’s par for the course nowadays.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    Is Prospect any good? I keep hearing good things about it, but my instincts tell me not to get too excited.

    I just watched Aniara, and found it excellent by the way.

    1. That’s great that you enjoyed Aniara, I always worry about recommendations, you just never know (some people don’t even like Blade Runner, lol).

      Prospect is pretty good; its low-budget obviously and its script is therefore pretty sparse. I enjoyed it a lot, because I’m always surprised what can be managed on a low budget (the visual effects are few, but they are quite good and it works to its benefit) and there’s usually a few good ideas thrown in that blockbusters can’t be arsed with (compare Aniara with Passengers). I bought it for just 99p on a deal on Prime though, so its not like I paid a lot for it anyway (I don’t know what I’d think had I bought the German 4K disc at some expense). Its difficult to gauge perspective when a film costs you less than a newspaper.

      I’m intending to re-watch it before I review it (if only I could squeeze a film in during Claire’s Wilmbledon fortnight marathon), as I watched it on a smaller screen when away from home and would like to see it properly on my home set-up, see how it measures up.

    2. Matt, Prospect is up on Amazon Prime for free now- it’ll likely need a search to find it as is usual considering how poor the Amazon frontend is, but its there mate if you still need to get around to it.

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