Invasion Day (2013)

invdayInvasion Day (aka Dragon Day)… where to begin? China gets worried that America can’t repay its huge national debt so switches off every microchip ‘made in China’ through a devious backdoor wi-fi signal, practically killing every technological device in America. Cars fail, planes fall out of the sky, power-grids fail, mobile phones go dead, water supplies fail. America is under new management, people – sign up to China’s Red Brotherhood or forget ever having a shower again or your toilet flushing.

Its Red Dawn without the heroic fight back or without invading troops- literally, its an invasion movie without an invading army, which I suppose some might consider radical and ingenious, if only the film had a budget of any note or was executed at all well. Considering the Chinese Menace at the heart of the film its curious that I think there’s only one Chinese or Asian actor in the film (and I’m not certain if he even had any lines). The acting is terrible, the screenplay risible… its all pretty horrible. 


Should you really hate yourself, Invasion Day is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, further proof of the mediocre quality control of streaming services in their desperate need of content.

4 thoughts on “Invasion Day (2013)

    1. I think its my tragic Super Power. Or maybe deep-seated self-loathing.

      Usually with work and life (family issues with ageing parents are piling up) I’m too tired in evenings to sit and read or watch anything decent that demands real attention from me, so rather than vegetate in front of network television (shoot me if that ever happens) I watch something that may be awful but demands little. I have some great films on discs waiting for my attention and their time will come, but sometimes…

      Also, you don’t have to look hard to find something pretty shit on Amazon Prime or Netflix; most films post-2010 are fairly diabolical. Its like Film School is no longer a thing anymore.

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  2. Fred

    Forget the acting … ask yourself why there’s NOTHING about thid film on Wikipedia shen every other film, no matter how obscure, is there.

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