Corruption, anyone?

corrHmm, latest announcements from Indicator include this 1968 horror/thriller starring Peter Cushing that I’ve never heard of. Well, they had me sold at Peter Cushing. Is it wrong of me to be more excited about a special feature (“The Guardian Lecture with Peter Cushing (1986): audio recording of an interview with the legendary actor recorded at the National Film Theatre, London”) than I am the film itself? I’m such a film geek sometimes I embarrass myself.

I have no idea what the film is like (if you have, feel free to educate me in the comments), but the fact its one of Indicator’s slipcase editions with an 80-page book of essays etc would suggest its worth watching. But really, they had me at Peter Cushing, anything with that gentleman in is worth watching in my book. Well, it comes out in August so I’ll have to get my pre-order in over the next week or so when my wallet allows (I haven’t yet pre-ordered the sixth Hammer box that Indicator keep teasing me with). Damn it, every time I try to put a hold on disc buying… (“Just when I thought I was out,  they pull me back in!” as Al Pacino once said).

2 thoughts on “Corruption, anyone?

  1. This one has slightly baffled. Every other time Indicator has done one of these fancier editions, I’ve always either heard of the film or can grasp its significance from the blurb. This one… I don’t get it. Maybe they just think it’s really good and want to big it up? It kind works: I’m seriously considering preordering it now, whereas, if it were one of their regular releases, I’d’ve left it for one of their sales, at best.

    1. Hadn’t considered it that way, but yeah, making it a slip-box release with book could possibly generate more interest than a standard-case release, in similar way to its Irreversible and Force 10 From Navarone releases. I guess I’m sold on it just featuring Peter Cushing anyway, but its surely a pretty obscure film since I don’t recall hearing about it at all. I never cease to be bemused, mind, at some of these Indicator releases when there’s so many films, new and old, that get either vanilla releases or no release on disc at all.

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