Revisiting Baby Driver (but in 4K!)

bb4kLast night I finally took my 4K disc of Baby Driver out of its shrink-wrap and rewatched the film. My original thoughts are here, from back when I watched the film on a rental from Amazon- I enjoyed the film immensely and purchased the 4K disc when it featured in a sale not long afterwards (ah, the good old Zoom days…) but isn’t it strange when it takes so long to rewatch even a film one enjoys? Baby Driver is one of those clever films that just clicks, a twist on the musical genre and a brilliant reinterpretation of the use of source music in films that dates back to American Graffiti. If anything, I enjoyed the film so much more this time around- no doubt because of the image quality of the 4K and perhaps even more so its superior sound too. Yeah, streaming is okay but its definitely sub-par in so many respects.

And of course, in another example of the argument for physical media, they may not be on the 4K disc, but there’s lots of special features on the accompanying Blu-ray disc bundled with the 4K. This includes two commentary tracks which I think will prove to be highly informative regards the use of the music and the decisions regards selection.

I read recently that Edgar Wright has spent lockdown finishing the script for Baby Driver 2 (which I presume involved listening to his entire music collection and writing for specific tracks/beats) so I look forward to seeing what comes of that. Baby Driver is a fairly self-contained film and doesn’t need a sequel but I’m certainly open to more if its as good as the first film. I also see that Ansel Elgort (who should have been hired by Disney to play Han Solo in its Solo flick) is starring in Spielberg’s West Side Story due in December; he’ll be absolutely huge after that if it proves as good as it hopefully is.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting Baby Driver (but in 4K!)

  1. I think this was one of the last things I bought on regular Blu-ray before I decided to jump to 4K, and it always nags at me: should I upgrade it? I like the film a lot, and it’s rather handsome looking, but will it look better enough to justify the outlay? (I have the same thing with La La Land every time I think about rewatching that.)

    No idea where there is to go with a sequel, but I trust Wright not to be doing it for the sake of it. Not sure what’s going on with Elgort, though — there were some allegations about him a while back, but they obviously didn’t ‘stick’ in the way others have; and there’s been no sign of reshoots to West Side Story; although he wasn’t featured prominently in the teaser trailer, so… I guess we’ll see.

    1. I’m with you re: La La Land; I just sway on the side of caution because the Blu-Ray is fine and I’m not sure the difference will be great- you just never know. That said, I bought the 4K of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, a film that is hardly ‘wow’ material, but while the 4K was fine, when I then played some of the Blu-ray to compare that disc seemed so flat and dull and lifeless in comparison; I went back to the 4K disc and it just leaped off the screen and was so much better, so its surprising the films/discs where it makes a difference. Times like that, I feel suddenly vindicated sticking with physical media and buying 4K discs.

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