What the Duck?!!

htd4kWhat is THIS? What’s going on… has the world gone Quackers? I guess this means anything is possible on 4K disc now. We’ve waddled across the Rubicon, people.

We’re STILL waiting for The Abyss on Blu-ray never mind 4K and there’s so many genuinely ‘Great Movies’ like Citizen Kane, the original King Kong, or Ben Hur and so many others waiting for 4K releases… cripes, off the top of my head Once Upon a Time in the West or even Conan The Barbarian or The Thin Red Line… the list is pretty endless really, because Howard the Duck…its almost funny. Well actually it IS funny because its really quite a joke. Is Howard the Duck a really successful, hugely popular cult movie that has huge demand from the public for a 4K release, are we living in that world? Well I suppose we must be, because its coming on July 5th.

5 thoughts on “What the Duck?!!

  1. I really don’t understand studios’ strategies sometimes. In the early days of Blu-ray, the logic of “we’ve got this HD scan lying around, we may as well throw it on disc” made sense, because physical media was still The Thing. But nowadays, when even brand-new films aren’t guaranteed a UHD release, and there are immensely popular titles that have been available in UHD on iTunes for ages but have no sign of a disc release, surely that thinking has been abandoned. Which can only mean… Howard the Duck is a reliable seller?

    1. Matthew McKinnon

      I think in the case of movies like this, it’s a question of ‘well, we’ve done this new 4K scan and master which cost a fair bit, let’s bang out a few discs to recoup a bit of that from the few thousand people who like this movie enough to buy it’. I certainly sense that with a few archival releases over the last few years.

      Also: Howard The Duck is a character a lot of people will have heard of recently through his Marvel blockbuster cameos, so there is that novelty factor that might boost sales to the unwisely curious and Marvel completists…?

      1. Well any Marvel completists (and I think you’re right, they are out there) who buy the disc not having seen it before are in for an unpleasant surprise/culture shock….

    2. I suppose some fans would have bought the recent Blu-ray release (itself quite a surprise release) and will actually be double-dipping for the 4K. It does seem very odd, I’d have thought the film one of those embarrassing follies that gets lost into deserved obscurity, but it seems they just can’t keep this duck down. Maybe they are testing the waters for an all-new Howard the Duck movie. After a sequel to Blade Runner I’ll never discount any far-fetched sequel/reboot, anything’s possible.

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