Anti-Life (2020)

antiThis was hilarious, its utterly bizarre that people are still hellbent on ripping off Alien all these years later, and doing it so ineptly. Everything in this film was so diabolically poor- the awful script, the wooden/cardboard sets, the woeful CGI… its like a masterclass in how NOT to make a sci-fi film and looks worse than any fan-flick that might surface on YouTube. It would be embarrassed by most student films, I’m certain (if it WAS a student film, I’d suggest the film-makers change career paths and go work in a grocery store instead).

But the film was also disturbing- what in the world are Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane doing in this rubbish? Being in this film must be the absolute nadir of both careers and I cannot understand their thinking, appearing in something as bad as this must be some kind of laughing-stock in the industry that could only harm their careers and reputation. Considering the budget this film must have had – something in the region of 1970s Doctor Who, by the look of it- I cannot imagine they appeared in this for the money. Okay, Willis has been slumming around for years at this point and never fails to amaze me how deep he can dig the hole his career is falling into (Willis spends the film sniggering and taking sips from his hip-flask like he KNOWS he’s in something akin to Plan 9 From Outer Space– maybe he thinks in fifty years this thing will be deemed somehow cool for being so bad), but Thomas Jane? He has his detractors but he’s surely better than this (The Expanse must seem so faraway). 

I honestly think this film has no rights being released, in my opinion its quite un-releasable in the state its in with no redeeming features at all. Nothing works on any level – I haven’t seen anything quite as bad as this in a long, long time. You’ll note I haven’t mentioned anything of the plot. I’m not sure it really had one, and if I were to jot it down here now… well, I’d be spending more time on this post than this film deserves.

Streaming services like Netflix (how I watched this film) are so desperate for new content they will buy and stream ANYTHING and this film proves it. Its like any kind of quality control has been dismissed for the sake of having something, anything, new and Willis being attached to it is just another example of the cynicism behind rubbish like this. Films like this make me despair at the where the film industry and artform is going, now. There used to be a time when you had to have talent to be able to make films, but that isn’t the case these days. Seems any idiot can write and direct and produce a film now – they don’t even need an idea, they just need a DVD collection they can rip off (sorry, ‘homage’).

Anyway, that’s quite enough. Its past time I started trying to forget this film exists. 



9 thoughts on “Anti-Life (2020)

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    By contrast, I’m halfway through ‘Stowaway’ and it’s not bad.
    Not exceptional, and I wouldn’t put it top of any lists [except perhaps a list of all the recent ‘Astronauts In Trouble’ films and TV], bit I’m gripped and I really like the characters. It’s really nicely low-key.

    1. I watched Stowaway the same night as Anti-Life and quite enjoyed it (compared to Anti-Life it was like Citizen Kane, mind). I’ll post a review, I just got annoyed by the central premise of someone accidentally being onboard the ship, I just didn’t buy it. A shame because the production design was largely excellent and the characters pretty fine.

    1. That’s what I can’t understand- this film is so cheap he must have been paid peanuts or 99% of the budget, and either way surely he doesn’t need the money that bad? Are we living in a world in which Bruce Willis, who was once so cool in stuff like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and Sin City, a guy the men wanted to be and the guy women wanted to be with, is now so out of favour in Hollywood that he has to slum in films like this? What did he do, who did he piss off? I don’t know, maybe he’s like some monstrous ego that outstayed his welcome and doesn’t get invited to the Hollywood A-list parties anymore, but it does seem a pretty monstrous fall out of favour- not that he seems to care, either. Does he even do interviews?

    1. I definitely took one for the team with this one. Maybe its time I steered clear of Bruce Willis in future, its not like I haven’t been warned with some of his earlier efforts. The trouble is, Die Hard is just SO good, it makes it so hard/sad to just write the guy off.

      1. Tom

        The good news is no matter what he does now nothing changes Die Hard. I apply this to DeNiro as well. His latter career is pretty indicative he (DeNiro mostly because he’s just a better actor) is less preoccupied with the artistry and craftsmanship and just wants to “have fun.” Too bad this usually hasn’t translated to the audience having much fun. (Dirty Grandpa, anyone??)

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