And then, Life of Brian

Continuing my current thread of watching films set in Ancient times, I found myself following Alexander and Agora with Monty Python’s irreverent (when it came out it was considered blasphemous, and I can remember it being banned in many towns) comedy Life of Brian, which when I consider it, largely shared Agora‘s dissatisfaction with organised religion, but taking a different methodology. It seems to say the same thing but feels positive, uplifting almost, whereas Agora is wholly sobering and almost depressing. After so many years its really not as scandalous as it seemed back in the day, but its still quite funny, and sadly I do believe the film is as necessary now as it was back when it first came out. Its the Ben-Hur remake only us Brits could do, albeit minus the chariot race (but we do get a space race instead).

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