The 2021 List: February

Well there goes a cold one, in more ways than one. Can’t say I enjoyed much of February at all. Lockdown continues, working from home continues (its been almost a year now). Covid is as never-ending as the finale of The Return of the King, and certainly not as pleasant. But the days are getting longer; and more sun is A Good Thing.  

The oddest thing is that I have so much yet unwatched, even though we really have so much time and so little opportunity for anything else. Maybe its some kind of Covid Fatigue, that even with so much time/so many evenings at home that I haven’t made better progress through my list of unwatched discs. I’d have thought that the Shelf of Shame would be a thing of the past by now, or especially any recent purchases would have been watched. Alas, even recent purchases like Blu-rays of Eve from Indicator, Spring from 101 films, and Judgement at Nuremberg from the BFI, all stand on the shelf, waiting. As usual there’s also the ever-increasing backlog on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Oh, and of course the remainder of Indicator’s Columbia Noir #2, but to be honest I hate to rush through boxsets like that too quickly anyway; I much prefer to savour them. To be fair, its not as if there’s a pile of imminent releases to add to any pile: I don’t think I have any discs on order at all that are due to be released in March, although I am tempted by Criterion’s recent release of The Ascent (1977) which I hear is very good and might be an excuse to spend some of the birthday money burning a hole in my pocket (although now that I think about Criterion, I realise that I still have Criterion’s edition of The New World to watch, I’d quite forgotten about that one). I had been looking forward to Gattaca, one of my favourite films, being released on a 4K UHD in March but that seems to have been pushed back to June. Its getting so its easy to tighten up on disc purchases; I’ve pre-ordered Columbia Noir #3 and Someone To Watch Over Me from Indicator (due in May) but other than Gattaca, that’s about it for the next few months. I’m pretty sure it’ll all prove to be a lull before a storm of releases in the second half of the year. 


16. Supermarket Season One

17. The Expanse Season Five (2020)

24. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (2021)

30. Sykes Series One (1972)

31. Sykes Series Two (1973)


19. The Naked Kiss (1964)

20. Morning Glory (2010)

21. Greenland (2020)

22. The Dig (2021)

23. One Night in Miami (2020)

25. Framed (1947)

26. The News of the World (2020)

27. 711 Ocean Drive (1950)

28. The Mob (1951)

29. Alexander: The Final Cut (2004/2007)

2 thoughts on “The 2021 List: February

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I think it is just screen fatigue.
    I’m the same, I have a world of stuff to watch but absolutely no enthusiasm at the moment.
    Getting through more books, though.

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