Morning Glory (2010)

morningAh, I know- what in the world was I doing even watching this? I can’t say. Worlds fail me. But its a strange world, you just wind up watching the oddest films sometimes. Hey, sometimes they can surprise, but, er, this one didn’t really. You can easily see why people didn’t race to the cinema to go see this one.  

Girl gets a job as producer of a struggling Breakfast TV show. Girl improves the lives/careers of all her workmates (well, except one guy who she fires, but maybe she was doing him a favour). Girl has faith in childhood hero-figure/cranky old guy. Girl’s faith in cranky old guy is tested but ultimately redeemed. Girl meets perfect guy. Girl gets guy. Girl saves Breakfast TV show. Morning Glory is one of those films that you can predict its every turn, its every beat, and its end is certain from the very beginning. But some people like that in movies. They find it reassuring, maybe. Its not a very reassuring universe really (as evidenced by me somehow watching this film) so hey, its clear some people get their reassurance wherever they can get it. After 2020, good for them.

Rachel McAdams. There was a time when she seemed to be in all sorts of stuff. She was pretty great in that season of True Detective that nobody seemed to like. And she was okay in that Game Night film, although I’m not entirely sure comedy is good for her, whatever her agent says. She’s really wasted in stuff like this.

Mind you, on the subject of wasted- Harrison Ford. Well, one has to remember this was released back in 2010, back during that period of his career when he seemed to have given up, How else can one explain it? He plays this old, surly, cranky “third-worst-person-in-the-universe’ guy in the twilight of his career left behind by his industry and its almost like an ironic casting  statement. Honestly,  it seems like Ford’s not even trying, it hardly rates as a performance at all. Maybe he thought his old natural matinee-idol charm would get him by, but at that point such times were over. Looking at him in stuff like this, its an absolute wonder he was so good in BR2049. I suppose he’d suggest its all about the material, and that Morning Glory warranted the performance it got from him, and who could argue with that? 

3 thoughts on “Morning Glory (2010)

  1. I remember quite liking this — indeed, looking up my review, it reads like a three-star job but for some reason I gave it four. I remember it as nothing particularly special, but likeable enough. Sometimes that reassuring predictability is what you need of an evening, I find.

    1. Yeah that was what, after all these years, finally got me around to watching it- it looked like the ideal Friday-night film after a heavy day at work. And I suppose it was, really. It reminded me of the days -in the 1980s and on into the 1990s, mostly- when I made a point of watching Ford in everything he did, likely a holdover of a sense of loyalty/interest from Star Wars and Raiders. That kind of fizzled out when Ford’s career started to wane (that’s possibly not the right description for a guy who could likely demand multi-million dollar paycheques for every role) so there are still quite a few films of his that I have yet to see.

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