The 2020 List: November

Well, a peek down the list below will reveal the big news for the month -and my year of blogging so far- which is that I have passed the ‘magic’ number of 200! Yep, that’s 200 films and television seasons that were new to me in 2020. With a month to spare, no less. 

Well, we won’t be here again- next year my blog is heading into a new direction, examining the old as much as the new, as I look at the films and television shows that mean the most to me, as well as finding the usual new discoveries. Well, that’s the intention anyway, and while 2021 seems just around the corner, it’d be perhaps foolish to ignore the fact that 2020 has a month to go and more surprises of its own (and this year of all years, that’s ominous enough in itself). 

So in the meantime, here’s my November haul. Best of the month, for a change, is actually a television series, Westworld Season Three, which was absolutely terrific, at least for its first six episodes (it stumbled considerably with the last two episodes, but not enough for it not to be my highlight of the month). Worst of the month has to be the terrible The Jesus Rolls, and lets face it, to be worse than a Nic Cage Lovecraft yarn, it has to stink something special.  


189) Truth Seekers – Season One

196) Westworld Season Three


186) The Lighthouse (2019)

187) The Color Out of Space (2019)

188) The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

189) Advantageous (2015)

190) The Last Seduction (1994)

191) Lucy in the Sky (2019)

192) The Jesus Rolls (2019)

193) Radioactive (2019)

194) Jojo Rabbit (2019)

195) A Hidden Life (2019)

197) Dark Waters (2019)

198) The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

199) Fanny Lye Deliver’d (2019)

200) Escape in the Fog (1945)

201) The Undercover Man (1949)

3 thoughts on “The 2020 List: November

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Looking downward to the new direction blog. As someone who has to make notes today for a podcast about a film he didn’t really enjoy, I know how exhausting it is writing about things you’re not enthusiastic about.

    However, you should still include little warnings about the bad movies you’ve seen. Some of your alerts this year have been invaluable.

    1. I’ll still be watching new stuff (if there is actually anything ‘new’ next year), but I hope to be chilling out with some quality ‘old’ stuff that I’ve seen before and spend time writing about it: I’m curious about those films/shows I used to love which possibly need revaluating, and maybe also stuff I didn’t think much of but suddenly think, wait, hang on, this isn’t all that bad…

      Maybe 2021 is the year I finally succumb to the genius that is Nic Cage.

  2. (Belated) congrats on the big two-oh-oh!

    I see many reviews in there that I must catch up on. Can’t say I’m too surprised about The Jesus Rolls, though – I’m not that big a fan of Lebowski, so it never particularly appealed to me, and the way it seemed to just appear out of almost nowhere…

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