Quartet Triptych

Got to hand it to the team at Quartet, the art direction on their OST releases is pretty outstanding, particularly their horror scores. Just look at this trio of classics that the label has released over the past several months: each one is a re-release of an old album that came out when the films originally came out (all but The Thing expanded), but now afforded artwork far superior to their original releases, certainly on CD. Each one has generally returned to the  monochromatic artwork of their original movie posters, accompanied by better typography and original logo artwork, proportions resized for the CD format but I’m sure they would look great on full-size vinyl editions. 

Jacob’s Ladder has only just been released, to coincide with that films 30th anniversary, a milestone which is as terrifying as anything in the movie: couple that to Ghost Story being 39 years old, and The Thing 38 years old… that Quartet Triptych is really horrifying, just looking at it. Its so sobering to realise what used to be so ‘new’ is now actually quite ‘old’, although what that suggests regards my reflection in the mirror this morning… oh well. At least these lovely covers make the soundtracks look new again, my reflection being something else entirely.

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