The Curse of la Llorona (2019)

curseIf one were to consider all the different genre of film, there’s a very good argument that the genre saddled with the worst films is that of horror. Which may seem a little odd, as the genre is also possibly the most popular film genre over the years – Westerns had their time, as did Musicals, but horror films have been pretty constant for all the decades of film. Perhaps the most forgiving fan-base then, which is just as well, because…

Alas, The Curse of la Llorona turns out to suffer the curse of bad horror movies. as its quite cringe-worthy rubbish. Nothing really works- the premise is beyond daft (and to be honest, makes little sense, even though it is supposedly based on a real Mexican legend- maybe it was lost in the execution/translation). The acting is as dire as the script- both typical of strictly b-movie fodder with no apparent pretensions otherwise. As far as direction is concerned, its a film that focuses entirely on jump-scares and loud quick-cuts to unsettle audiences, losing entirely any real sense of tension and horror. Its one of those films throughout which I was desperately detached and the only good thing about the film was that, typical of this genre, it was mercifully short.

You don’t see too many three-hour horror movies, although there are times that they are so interminable that the feel like three hours long. About the best I can say about this film was that, it did indeed feel pretty short and I’m confident quite forgettable.

4 thoughts on “The Curse of la Llorona (2019)

  1. Tom

    The only three hour horror that I can think of recently is that stupid adaptation of King’s It, and that’s just Chapter 2! Good night — the whole thing, if taken as one movie which ostensibly is the point, is like 5.5 — is marathon horror. But yeah this aside I do appreciate how most horrors are compact and even if aren’t very good mostly don’t overstay their welcome.

    1. You know, the one reason why I have yet to see It: Chapter Two is the bloated size of the thing. I suppose its being authentic, in that it mirrors how bloated King’s books always are (the guy may be a huge success, but boy he always needed a good editor) but all the same, did it really need to be that long? I really preferred the theatrical cut of Dr.Sleep compared to the longer Directors Cut (which is possibly heresy) if only because it was thirty minutes shorter and still managed to tell the same story. Less is sometimes more, and if the two-part It needed to be that long, then maybe it should have stayed a tv serial rather than a piece of long, long cinema split into two long, long parts.

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