Vangelis’ incomplete Juno to Jupiter

Incomplete? Well there’s a twist for those of us who bought the download back in August. The saga of Vangelis’ Juno to Jupiter continues, with various updates suggesting release dates in October or even December- and a tracklist with an additional track at the close of the album, entitled Cosmos Autopator, which is either a vinyl-exclusive bonus track (God I hope not) or an addition to the album which was erroneously sold in August and which perhaps caused the delay in the first place (can you imagine Vangelis’ team screaming at Decca “You’re missing a final track!”). The cynic in me might suggest that Vangelis or his team decided to revise the track listing to ensure those who bought the album in August will need to buy it again when it eventually comes, but hey, we would anyway, right? Fans want their physical copy on CD or vinyl. Actually I think an additional track would prove a welcome bonus. Oh well, the strange journey of Vangelis’ Juno to Jupiter continues to confound, and I keep on holding fire on my review.

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