Last Week

Real-life got in the way of Blog-life last week, as may have been noticed by my one measly posting (Terminator: Dark Fate). Indeed, I actually only watched three films last week-the Burt Lancaster/Kirk Douglas crime/mobster flick I Walk Alone, Terminator: Dark Fate and new Netflix film The Devil All the Time (which is absolutely brilliant).

One thing that didn’t help – as if the news of Covid going all Hollywood Reboot here, with my area going back to local lockdown next Tuesday, wasn’t enough- was my mother in law having burglars trespassing her back yard one night last week, taking the door off her garden shed in an attempt to find something worthwhile to steal. Things are really getting back to normal Out There aren’t they, with our criminal fraternity deciding to go back to work, so to speak. Putting shed doors back up and repairing bolts on garden gates demonstrate the limits of my carpentry skills, I just hope I don’t get further opportunity for practice. But really, what is the world coming to? As if we don’t have it bad enough with Covid and Brexit and politicians finding whole new ways to demonstrate their magnificent ineptitude.

I have been reading a bit- with the Super Deluxe of Sign o’the Times coming next week, I’ve been reading a book about Prince by Joseph Vogel, This Thing Called Life. Its a little academic but none the worse for that. Vogel examines what Prince thought about politics, race, religion, sex, death, through events in his life but chiefly through his music and lyrics. Of course, a lot of this is subjective, its Vogel interpreting things from lyrics and via historical interviews with Prince or his associates, rather than what Prince might have voiced himself in his own memoir. If nothing else, its a rather touching, surprisingly emotional reminder of the times that we, and Prince lived in, the Gulf Wars, Live Aid, Presidencies, Aids… In his life Prince carefully cultivated the enigma of Prince, and I suspect he will therefore be an endless fascination. If its true that to know what he truly thought and felt about things we should simply listen to his music  and examine all his vast catalogue (and the Vault recordings now surfacing probably more important here than what we are already familiar with) then it could be a journey of discovery with years ahead of us.

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