June Thorburn film coming up

price1In case anyone is interested, I’ve spotted in the schedules of the Talking Pictures channel the 1959 film The Price of Silence, which features June Thorburn, an actress that really caught my attention with her performance in The Scarlet Blade when I watched it last month. The Price of Silence airs on Sunday 21st June at the decidedly unfashionable hour of 02:40, so I’ve got the Tivo ready for that one.

While I’m at it, other scheduling treats coming up on Talking Pictures are the great Kathleen Harrison (who stole the show in Turn the Key Softly) featuring in two movies: Waterfront Women (1950) airing on Monday 15th June at 09:30, and the comedy Where There’s a Will (1955) the following day, Tuesday 16th June at 02:30. Where There’s a Will also features George (Arthur Daley) Cole, so could be fun. I’ve not seen any of these three films before so will have to see how they turn out, but I’m particularly intrigued at seeing June Thorburn again.

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