Happy Empire Day!

esb40Apparently The Empire Strikes Back, the Best Star Wars Movie Ever, turns 40 today. Happy Birthday, Empire.

The less said about it being 40 years since I read that old Sphere novelisation in paperback, listened to the soundtrack on vinyl album repeatedly, pored over articles in Starburst and sat aghast at John Brosnan’s dismissive review, possibly the better… Those were very, very good times. The best of times, really. 1980 was some year. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes with a tissue … no, just dust in my eyes, really…

4 thoughts on “Happy Empire Day!

    1. OK, I’m jealous. Film posters were great, back then.

      You know, I think we took it for granted back in the day, but that TESB logo they used back then on the posters was a work of genius. None of that ‘Episode V’ nonsense, it just told you Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, that’s all it needed. None of that ‘Skywalker Saga’ rubbish that has recently been retconned in, either: it was the Star Wars saga, and it was all downhill from Empire.

      1. Matthew McKinnon

        Yeah, I’ve always been very fond of that logo – I was only 9 when ESB came out, and I could draw that logo from memory. Shame it hasn’t been retained since. The RotJ logo was boring by comparison, as have been all the SW graphics since.

  1. Yes, I’m with you 150% on that.Its like they didn’t know what to do with it. The prequels even seemed to deliberately follow that ROTJ theme.Mind, remember that spell when they adopted that hideous metallic gold typeface akin to something from a Disco album cover and used it for everything Star Wars-related (DVDs etc)?

    I may be wrong, but I seem to think Ralph McQuarrie had a hand in that TESB logo; I seem to recall it appearing in some of the publicity artwork he was working on, you can see it in his prelim sketches. Maybe it was just ideas from the marketing team handed over to him, and it may be just a coincidence but McQuarrie had a much lesser involvement in ROTJ. The ‘look’ of the film has a discontinuity to TESB beyond just the logo design which was due to McQuarrie being absent from much of the art direction for ROTJ (ironic considering there is so much attention to his artwork in current SW films/tv shows like Clone Wars etc)..

    Remember that Splinter of the Minds Eye paperback that Sphere published over here? The logo they used for that title font was just like Star Wars and worked so well, yet the film series pretty much dumped it.

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