The 2020 List: April

66April in lockdown leaves me reaching the grand total of 66 already – without trying, really. I watched a few old faves during this month (notably Ben Hur and Kingdom of Heaven) and one or two not-so-faves (Rise of Skywalker, take a bow) that don’t qualify for inclusion here. On the whole though I sailed through the month distracted by reading and too many hours working from home, so really, I don’t know what number I’d be up to if I’d seriously tried to hit the Shelf of Shame, say, or a few of those boxsets on Netflix and Amazon that keep tempting me.

Best TV show was of course Better Call Saul season five, which was absolutley brilliant and I really should write a review. Suffice to say episodes eight and nine were some of the tensest, edge-of-your-seat dramas I’ve seen in ages, and while my work colleague was left rather nonplussed by the episode ten finale I was impressed by how well it set things up for season six. Mind, I’ve read we may have to wait two years for it to arrive. Ah, Covid19- the gift that keeps on giving.

On the movies front, it gets a bit trickier- I think the best one was probably 21 Bridges, partly because it came as such a surprise and seemed a welcome throwback to saner, more down-to-earth thrillers of old (individual mileage will vary on that, I’m sure).

TV Shows:

50) Friday Night Dinner Series Four

57) Friday Night Dinner Series Five

58) Devs

61) Better Call Saul Season Five

63) After Life Season Two


49) The Pirates of Blood River

51) Hustlers

52) Rocketman

53) Flight to Mars

54) Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans

55) Seat 25

56) Angel Has Fallen

59) James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge

60) Yesterday

62) 21 Bridges

64) Extraction

65) Safety Not Guaranteed

66) Timetrap



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