Jaws 4K: This looks better

jaws4kb…not so sure its five quid better, but yeah, I quite like this new steelbook design for the 4K edition of Jaws. I suppose they couldn’t do any worse than the standard edition design (the slip of which may be a lenticular cover, too, which may explain the design). So anyway, here’s me with a perfectly fine (gorgeous, even) Blu-ray steelbook and I’m being tempted by this edition. Its Jaws, afterall, but bad enough triple-dipping from DVD to Blu-ray to 4K UHD but then adding insult to injury by double-dipping steelbooks? What is the world coming to? Oh well, this would be the last time, right?

One thought on “Jaws 4K: This looks better

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Meh. I can understand the Pavlovian reaction to grab it, but I can’t rationalise paying and extra fiver for a bit of packaging that’ll sit unseen between other discs on the shelf.

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