Jaws 4K coming….

I appreciate its a First-World problem and all that, with everything going on in the world today, but the recent news of an upcoming 4K disc of Jaws was mitigated somewhat by the decidedly dodgy packaging artwork currently being shown. I suppose individual tastes will vary, but I’m not a fan of this new box-art at all. Maybe its a problem with these ‘older’ releases that have already been released across so many formats over the decades, an inevitable need for the studio to freshen things up or differentiate/highlight a new release with new artwork and design? Whatever, being a purist I really prefer using original poster artwork, although that’s something typified now more by third-party catalogue releases (Indicator, take a bow) than first-party studio releases. The 4K releases of Die Hard, CE3K, Alien, Superman: The Movie… none of them, nor many others besides, were graced with their original theatrical artwork. In this case I think I’ll be transferring the 4K disc to my Jaws steelbook pictured above alongside the planned 4K art (I expect the second Blu-ray disc with the docs etc will be the same anyway).

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t tell the difference. I should get a life. Bah humbug, I’m surrounded by fools.

4 thoughts on “Jaws 4K coming….

  1. I completely agree about the new art. I’m not a “should use the poster art” purist, but when it’s as famous and perfect as Jaws, why not? But I think we’re in the minority, because when this was announced on Blu-ray.com it looked like all negative comments about the cover were getting downvoted. It’s not the worst ever, but c’mon, it’s not good!

    1. I can’t believe anybody likes it at all, shows how many young ‘uns have no taste anymore. If they had to change the old design, they could have always have gone with the darker variant that the paperback edition had back in the day.Same basic design but different colour-scheme. Wouldn’t have been quite so bad had they just got the Jaws logo over the shark rather than ‘imbedded’ in its teeth. Its kind of funny, the more I look at this new artwork the more I hate it. I just won’t be able to live with that damn thing.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    I agree completely, 4K discs seem handicapped by bad artwork. CE3K and Jaws are particularly disappointing steps back after perfect Blu-ray artwork. The design of that CE3K set back in 2007 was a dream come true.

    1. I still have that 2007 CE3K set on the shelf, and whenever space becomes an absolute premium, I’m planning on putting the 4K disc in that set, replacing the old disc one Blu-ray. I feel a bit anal doing things like that -I’m intending to use the old Apocalypse Now box for my 4K discs as that old box is a) gorgeous and b) sturdier than the flimsy thing they released the 4K set in recently. In the old days I thought doing that sort of thing was daft collector nonsense, but how times have changed. I think of some of the beautiful packaging some DVD sets had and its hard to believe- studios really don’t bother now- I suppose they think we should be thankful enough the films come out on disc at all..

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