The 2020 List: March

Covid-19 already makes an impact on my viewing figures with a busy month in March. Twelve films and six television shows, raising my 2020 tally to 48 already (this point last year I reached 42).

Five of those television shows are sitcoms, and its pretty clear to me that this is a direct response to all the stress about the virus outbreak. Claire’s being getting very anxious and we’ve pretty much stopped watching the news coverage, retreating to the dumb and fairly mindless sanctuary of the sitcom. Its an escape I guess.

Meanwhile as of this week, I’m now working from home. Its not ideal, and I can imagine some rough weeks ahead trying to get work done whilst isolated from the rest of the team and the convenience of the proper dedicated workplace environment, but at least I’m fortunate that I can still work. Some folks aren’t as lucky. Times such as these we need to maintain a sense of perspective and, really, be thankful for what we’ve got.

There are tragedies unfolding everyday. They’ve just announced on the radio the UK’s latest daily total of 393 people dying of the virus, the biggest daily total yet. Its impossible for me to get my head around a total like that. You can’t imagine the loss and grief of so many people who must be affected by each death, each individuals story- to be frank, the sheer unwarranted untimeliness of each death. These were people who might otherwise have had years ahead of them, who should have had those years; all those months and weeks and days, those sunrises and pretty sunsets that we see and take for granted. These poor souls were robbed of them because of this horrible virus that until a few months ago we’d never heard of.

Anyway, returning to the sanctuary of much more mundane things, here’s the list for March 2020:

TV Shows

31) The Thick of It Season Four

32) The Windsors Season Three

42) Friday Night Dinner Season One

43) Friday Night Dinner Season Two

46) Star Trek: Picard Season One

48)  Friday Night Dinner Season Three


33) The Aeronauts

34) The Report

35) Doctor Sleep

36) Midsommar

37) Brightburn

38) The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll

39) Snatch

40) Remember the Titans

41) Le Mans ’66

44) Judy

45)Torn Curtain

47) Visa to Canton

5 thoughts on “The 2020 List: March

  1. How was Visa to Canton? I nearly watched it the other day (mainly to tick off “V” — I’ve nearly completed the alphabet for 2020 already. Childish concerns!), but then I watched a different Hammer film instead — The Viking Queen (still got my “V”), because it was covered in the latest episode of Mark Kermode’s series. Easily swayed.

    I can see how you’d get through three series of Friday Night Dinner so quickly — it’s pretty great.

    1. Must confess mixed feelings regards Visa to Canton. I’ll try post a review soon. It wasn’t bad, just a bit… meh. Hopefully the other films are an improvement, but it might just be a case of wrong film, wrong time, and suffering interruptions while watching it (it was one of THOSE nights).

      Funny thing is, until I caught a billboard advertising Friday Night Dinner’s new sixth season I’d never even heard of it. Shows how ‘hip’ I am to the cultural zeitgeist but its been quite a tonic the past few weeks- its so easy to just pop it on and binge episodes at a time.

    1. I enjoyed it, especially the parts where I understood what was happening, LOL. I think it must be a film that rewards repeat viewings because it left me a bit perplexed in places, it was so hectic and the names/dialogue indecipherable at times. And I’m a Brit!

      1. Tom

        It definitely does grow on you more after a couple of viewings. It’s so frenetically paced, both in action and dialogue. I enjoy that about his signature movies (Lock, Stock is somewhat the same but even more memorable characters IMO). The Gentlemen doesn’t feel quite as elevated in some respects but it features many of the elements you find in Snatch and the like. Definitely unique style. Which, again, really makes me scratch my head as to why he did such bland blockbusters like Aladdin and King Arthur……

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