The 2020 List: February

Hey, another month already. As usual, some good stuff (file Joker under that) and bad stuff (well, Nude Nuns with Big Guns, obviously). Weird month really- really quite bizarre. Even now I’m looking at the list and wondering what the hell was all that?

March looks interesting, though- Dr Sleep for one is a film I’ve been looking forward to, and Le Mans ’66 even more so. On the tv front we’ve got the return of Westworld and Altered Carbon and the grand finale of Star Trek: Picard (I’m REALLY curious about how they are going to wrap that thing up). And of course more Better Call Saul, possibly the best show on tv at the moment (if only those guys could work such magic on a genre show).

TV Shows:

13) Still Open All Hours: Season Six

21) Sex Education Season Two

25) The Thick Of It Season One

28) The Thick Of It Season Two

29) The Thick Of It Season Three


14) The Mercy

15) Pet Sematary (2019)

16) Phantom Thread

17) Fighting with My Family

18) Joker

19) Toy Story 4

20) Mr Jones

23) Nude Nuns with Big Guns

24) The Domestics

26) The Favourite

27) Fedora

30) UFO

2 thoughts on “The 2020 List: February

  1. We’re in sync! How long will it last? (I’d wager “not long at all” — coincidences, and all that.)

    This reminds me that I’m theoretically still halfway through The Thick of It. “Theoretically” because I’ve had the complete DVD set for years, but watched series 1 and 2 in 2014, the specials in 2017, and none since. Real-life politics has been more than enough these past few years, I guess.

    1. I’d been meaning to get around to it for years but when I happened upon it on Netflix a week or so ago it seemed the right time. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and as you say, real-life politics has been so crazy over the past several years- I must confess to feeling of deja-vu whilst the series progressed. I suspect the series is nowhere near as daft or mad or terrible as the real thing.

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