Time Stand Still

This is a beautiful and poignant tribute to the late Neil Peart of Rush, who passed away a few weeks ago. Time Stand Still has always been my favourite Rush song; I remember buying the single on 7-inch vinyl back in the day prior to the Hold Your Fire album getting released. As usual with the best of Neil’s lyrics, particularly those that are reflective, something in this song strikes a chord in me, and has reminded me in all the decades since of the fragility of existence and every moment. I think the song always deserved more attention and wider listening beyond its rock-group origins, and  you never know, maybe this lovely tribute from The United States Army Band ‘Pershing’s Own’ will enable Neil’s work to get heard wider afield. Here’s my token effort towards that.

On a more sombre note, on the original YouTube page this video is on, currently 82 idiots have given it a ‘thumbs down’. After what has happened this weekend here in the UK regards celebrity Caroline Flack taking her own life, its another reminder of the inhumanity of humanity (I was no fan or advocate of Flack, but one has to shake ones head in apathy at how the unkindness of the world manifests itself).

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