Eddie in 2020

P1100093 (2)Yep, Eddie’s back with his first appearance here in 2020, as usual perched on the arm of the sofa surveying the world beyond the front window, which we call his big television. He likes it when we switch it on in the morning (open blinds/curtains) and gets into a funk when close-down comes early (when it gets dark and we close the blinds). In between he thinks the programming is pretty fine, in which various dogs and their walkers cross the field in front of our house in all sorts of interesting ways (well, it fascinates Ed, anyway).

Its a funny thing, that cast of characters are almost following a programming similar to tv schedules, as most people have daily routines and take walks at certain times. So you know, the allegory may seem stretched but it works in a funny sort of way. Diesel and Bonnie are about as timely as episodes of Doctors or The Chase.

Ed likes some dogs, but hates others, and being a terrier, he lets you know about it. So if we’re in another room or upstairs, we can usually tell by the type of bark who’s walking outside before we look out to confirm it. The postie gets his own particular bark, as if he’s taking a very particular liberty walking by- mind, judging by the shorts he’s always wearing and the state of his pale legs, Ed may have a point.

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