4 thoughts on “Villeneuve’s Dune to become a Trilogy

  1. Well, I confess, I clicked on double-quick time when I saw the post’s title, and entirely bought the fake story (“did they not learn their lesson from The Hobbit? No, of course they didn’t,” I thought as I read).

    Anyhow, I continue to look forward to Dunc with great expectation, and ardently hope for Dunc Part II.

    1. Ha Ha, yeah that Dunc = Dune logo sans animated light effect seems more trouble than its really worth, but it certainly looks promising (how exactly can a logo be ‘promising’ I wonder, but somehow it is, especially with that strangely alien sand dune).

      I suppose that, no matter how Villeneuve’s Dune project turns out, we can content ourselves that it could have been much worse- Lynch’s version may have been far too short to do the epic proper justice, but another way of doing it would have been padding it out into a trilogy borrowing from the mythology’s various backstories and spin-off works, such as how Pete Jackson tried to justify the abominably bloated Hobbit trilogy.

      Anyway, I know nothing about Click Bait because that post saw no upsurge in traffic. I suppose another interpretation of my experiment is that Warner Bros is in trouble, as really nobody is interested in Dune at all, other than the minimal hardcore. Hope its not BR2049 all over again….

  2. gregory moss

    I really do hope part one is a sucess enough to warrant part two. It would be a crying shame if it was left hanging half-completed like Ralph Bakshi’s LOTR.

    1. I could never understand how they thought they could ‘sell’ an incomplete adaptation of LOTR. I appreciate why it happened economically but you’d think it would make more sense long-term making the extra investment in a second animated movie to complete it properly, if only to make it easier to sell afterwards (does anybody care a jot for ever watching that Golden Compass movie from a few years back?). I dare say Pete Jackson had one eye on what happened with Bakshi’s venture when accepting the daunting task of shooting the three LOTR films back to back.

      Rest assured if we don’t see Villeneuve make his part two I’ll be in a complete funk for months. Especially if part one turns out as good as I hope it will.

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