The 2020 list: January

Here’s a sign o’ the times: I just realised, looking at the list below, that not one thing was watched on disc. Everything ‘new’ that I watched in January was either on streaming or (in the case of two movies) a trip to the cinema. I may be wrong, but this may be the first time that this has happened. As an advocate of physical media, that’s obviously rather alarming. I did buy one film on disc this month, which was Ad Astra, but as that is a film I first watched last September it doesn’t qualify for this list. As far as next month is concerned, it looks like this trend may well continue, as I think I have just one disc pre-ordered, which is Joker (which will make the Feb list as that’s one I missed last year)- its a film I’m REALLY looking forward to; I just hope it lives up to all the hype.

Its a little odd to think its the end of January already. Haven’t had the most productive of months regards watching stuff but you know how it is, distractions and all that, and even then, I haven’t reviewed all that I did manage to watch, but, well, even more distractions. Must. Try. Harder.

TV Shows

2) Dracula

3) Better Call Saul Season Four

4) The Planets (2019 Documentary series)


1) Saturday Night Fever

5) Rise of Skywalker

6) 1917

7) Bad Day for the Cut

8) Suspiria (1977)

9) Aladdin (2019)

10) Horrible Histories: The Movie

11) Darkest Hour

12) 6 Underground


3 thoughts on “The 2020 list: January

  1. I’ve been buying a load of discs this month, for some reason. I mean, I feel like I keep seeing stuff and just buy, buy, buy. I really should stop. I’m trying to make an effort to watch more of it as I get it, but I think I’ve only managed that twice so far; three times if you count the UHD disc in the Twin Peaks box set, which is a big reason why I bought it, so…

    re: Joker, also missed it, also got it on preorder, very trepidatious about it. It looks interesting and lot of people like it, but increasingly a lot of people I broadly agree with on Twitter are critical of it. But I’m mainly miffed it’s not out here until after the Oscars, so I won’t get a chance to form an opinion before it possibly wins.

    1. I’ve still got so many discs I still have to watch -some of them still, horribly, in their shrink wrap- that I’m really trying to hold fire on disc-buying, unless its stuff like Joker or Dr Sleep that I missed last year and really want to watch. I’m concious that in that sense I’m reinforcing the sad decline of physical sales but really, streaming is a relentless diversion, and I really need to catch-up with some of those discs on the shelf. I still have Betty Blue on disc up there on the shelf and I’m terrified of checking when I actually bought that damn thing. Must have been years ago, its wasteful and really unforgivable. I’m thinking of starting a regular series of ‘The Shelf of Shame’ if only as a push into getting around to giving some of those discs a spin.

      1. When I watched Laputa the other day, I got out the disc I bought recently — so recently it was still shrink-wrapped; so recently I hadn’t entered it fully into my DVD database yet… and it had a sticker on the front informing me I’d ordered it from HMV in 2016. Shelf of Shame, indeed.

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