Dracula (2020)

dracIt took David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ten years to do something the BBC managed in just three nights. This show managed to encapsulate the eight-season Game of Thrones experience into just three episodes: it started so well, solidified that achievement in the middle, and then screwed the pooch spectacularly at the end with some absolutely shocking creative choices that still have me wondering what they were thinking. Its no mean feat, but it also pointedly mirrored the experience of the same creative team’s Sherlock series too: but its quite remarkable how quickly this thing went wrong. It also managed an ending so rushed and sudden, so ‘did-I-blink-and-miss-something‘ that I really think its not an ending at all but another Mark Gatiss/Stephen Moffat misdirection trick and we’re going to get another season next year. Not that I think anyone will be coming back to watch it.

6 thoughts on “Dracula (2020)

  1. Wasn’t able to watch this while it went out, but now it’s in UHD on iPlayer so I’m quite glad of that fact. I’ll still watch it, despite the mixed reviews, because you never know — I mean, I enjoyed GoT season 8 and all of Sherlock, so…

    1. I re-watched some of the first episode in UHD on the iplayer and it really does look gorgeous, Its certainly worth a watch, the first two episodes have some genuinely brilliant moments which just made the slide in quality in episode three all the more jarring. It was so very, very good and maybe if I watch it all the way through again that last episode won’t seem so wrong. I worry about the tendency these days of showrunners/writers setting things up without really knowing where they are going or how they are going to wrap things up satisfyingly.

      1. Just finished episode one and really enjoyed it. Though it went on a bit in places, in the same way as some of the lesser episodes of Sherlock — scenes that are needlessly long and chatty. I think sometimes Moffat and/or Gatiss fall in love with the sound of their characters’ voices and so are happy to just let them ramble on at each other, but it’s not always to the benefit of the drama. I’m thinking of the scene between Sister Agatha and Dracula at the gate — starts off tense, but winds up just going on and on. Bit of a shame.

        Anyway, I was looking at Letterboxd reviews & the like and it seems the opinion that it goes off the deep end in part three is quite a common reaction. At least I can steel myself for disappointment.

      2. I felt in was a brilliant adaptation which ended brilliantly with Episode 2. Episode 3 could have been better if they had stuck to the story of him surviving and winding up on Whitby shore and taking up his new residence.

        Episode 3 in the modern era, made no sense and ruined what up to that point was a brilliant adaptation that could be spun off a second series.

        Real shame.

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